Reunion city: Saint-Denis

Saint-Denis (ST. Denis de La Reunion) – Attractive, lively and expensive capital of the island, located at the foot of the 800-meter basalt cliff.

In the city is Botanical Garden, Restored hotels, the majestic Palace of Prefecture. The most elegant area of ​​the city – Baracho, Place of meetings and walks, which is located in the eastern end of the coastline of the city. This area is literally saturated with street markets, bars and typical Parisian cafes on sidewalks.

Also extremely attractive various and impressive Creole mansions, Monument-Au-Mart – High Victory Monument, Hotel Ville (Town Hall), considered by many as the most beautiful city building, Saint-Denis Cathedral and Prefecture, The construction of which was started in 1735. and which was used as an Indian company headquarters.

Cities Reunion Saint-Denis

Grand Marche – The main market of the capital, the Center for Trade Products of Handicraft Type of Malagasy Wooden Figurines, Wicker Baskets and "Tropical" Furniture.

Hills areas behind Saint-Denis offer excellent views of the city and serve as a starting point for hiking to La Rocher Ecrit, High peak, often closed clouds. Although it is not part of the circus Mafat, but offers breathtaking panoramas a series of lower circus around the capital. Dawn – the best time to visit this peculiar natural sightseeing site.

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