Poland City: Zamosc

Zamosc – a beautiful small town included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Cities Poland Zamosc

Before all of its attractions can be easily reached on foot. The most interesting area Rockie Velka ("Big market"), surrounded by houses of artisans in Italian style, the remains of old fortification structures – Rotunda (1831 G.), KRA, New and old Lviv Gate (1820 g.), urban Town Hall (XVI B.), Zamoysian Palace (1585 g.), House "Under angel" ("From spouses", 1634., now – Museum of Historical Towns), Cathedral of St. Foma (1598 g.) and Ordinate Chapel, Old Arsenal (1583 g., now – Museum of ancient weapons), the building of the former academy (1648 g.), Summer Theater, synagogue (1620 g., Now – Public Library), as well Memorial victims of World War II. The Zamosc is not particularly changed from the XVI century, when the streets were paved in staggered slabs on the project of the Italian architect Bernardo Morando. And the untouched urban area with long vaulted galleries and canopies creates sensations of Latin America. There are many vintage merchant houses, a wonderful Town Hall, narrow vintage streets. The town is very compact and surrounded by a powerful urban wall, also perfectly survived.

A little apart from the Old Town, on the way to the station, another remarkable monument is located. This is old Rotunda. The once fortified castle, during the war, turned by the Germans to the Headquarters of the Gestapo. In this gloomy castle, surrounded by the RV, there were massive executions of local residents and Soviet partisans. By the time of coming to these places of the Soviet Army, the fascists managed to deal with 8,000 Poles, Jews, Ukrainians, ours. Now there is a museum here, and the Rotunda itself is surrounded by monumental obelisks with the names of identified victims.

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