Pitcarna city: Adamstown

The main city of Pitcairn island – Adamstown rose to the neat small town, inhabited by Christians, when the captain of the American vessel "Topaz" Mahyw Fallgere again "Opened" Pitcairn, exploring these waters in order to reveal 19 years already by that time the mystery of the disappearance "Bounty".

Now Adamstown lies at the top of the Hill-Diffefiti hill ("Hill of deprivation"), towering at 120 meters above sea level.

Buildings of the village literally sealed the main and the only way on the island. Public Square – "heart" Islands, and small buildings around it are used as a courthouse, office board of the island, Community Hall, Church, Ambulatory and Library with Post Office. This is probably the smallest island in the world that has all these necessary elements of civilization.

Among the few Relics of Pitcarna is the main thing "Bible Bounty" Fletcher of Christian itself, carefully preserved in a glass box in the church. She was stolen (or lost – still unknown details of its disappearance) in 1839, but returned to the island in 1949.

Cities Pitcarna Adamstall

Anchor "Bounty", The foundation found by the expedition of a national geographical society, barks on the pedestal of the courthouse walls, and a few further down the roads are installed "Bounty", raised from the bottom of the sea.

Among the sights of the island, you will definitely show anchor from the vessel "Akadia", The victim is a wreck on the island of Dusy, and on the other side of Bounty Bay – the grave of John Adam, the only rebel preserved from the graves.

Cave of Christian Fletcher, as expected, hid the leader of the rebels and served him a supervisory point during the first years of the settlement. There are quite interesting, although weakly studied places like the ancient Polynesian rocky drawings or coastal waters, at the bottom of which many sunken vessels "Dopureauic" Epochs (however, their remains have already increased corals strongly).

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