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Colon (Colon) – the second largest city of Panama and the center of the free trade zone of the Panama Canal, the main port of the country, the largest transport and economic center of the northern coast. The city lies with the Caribbean entrance to the channel, here from the capital can be reached for an hour of slow ride by car.

Founded in 1852 on the swampy coast of the country as the end station of the railway, Colon initially wore the name of Aspalval in honor of one of the holders of the highway, but was almost completely destroyed in 1885, during the uprising led by Pedro Prado. The city was restored by the French and flourished as one of the major centers of the zone of the channel under construction. Colon’s flourishing falls on the middle of the 20th century, when it becomes one of the most fashionable cities of the country, the main port of Panama and the center of the Free Trade Zone (founded in 1949). But today it is one of the most dilapidated and criminalized cities of Panama, attracting tourists only with their duty-free shops and many historical buildings that, unfortunately, are in a rather unsightly state.

The sights of the city include the old railway station (1909 g), Boxing Arena (1978 g), Neo-etco City Council (1929-1934.), Hotel New Washington (1850 g), Episcopal Church (1865 g, First Protestant Church in Colombia, which then belonged to the territory of modern Panama), Statue of Christ for Avenida Sentral, Columbus statue (1866 g), and, of course, zone Colon’s free trade – the second size (after Hong Kong) duty-free zone of the planet, with annual turnover more than 10 billion dollars. Not far from the Colon lie Fort San Lorenzo (XVI-XVIII centuries.) – The most impressive Spanish strengthening in the country, Gatub gateways, the wonderful shores of the coast of Costa Arriba North-east of the Colon and inhabited by the descendants of African slaves The Isle Grande Resort Isla.

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