Pakistan City: Lahore

The capital of Punjab – Lahore (Lahore) lies 250 km south of Islamabad. This is a large cultural, educational and shopping center Pakistan, as well as the most visited city in the country.

It is important that Lahore is the capital of the five-way of more than a thousand years. Already in the 9th century, it was a major trading and political center of the region, and approximately from 1525 he becomes the thriving cultural center of the big Empire Mugal (Mughal), which "Published" He has many palaces, gardens, monuments and mosques. During the period of the British government, the old eastern architecture was beautifully supplemented with numerous structures in the Gothic and Victorian style.

Cities Pakistan Lahore

Legends say that the city was founded by two sons of the frame of approximately 4 thousand years ago. The memories of his distant past serves the underground temple attributed to the Rama itself (the legendary hero of Ramayana), found in the northern part of the Royal Fort. Latest attractions of the city include Lahor Fort, literally filled with the majestic palaces, halls and gardens, the old town with its narrow alleys, Badshahi Mosque (one of the largest mosques in the world and a bright example of Mogolsk architecture, comparable to Taj Mahal), beautiful Schalimar Gardens , Chauburji Gate, Phunjab University (Old University Town, 1882., Oldest in the country), Complex of the Supreme Court (1874 g., Also the most Old Court in Pakistan), Public Post Office (1892 g.), immortalized in the classics of killenging Zamzam, or "Cime gun" (Approximately 1757 g.), Government college (1864 g., Again – the oldest in Pakistan) and the beautiful old building of the Aitancial College (1886.) with his park area of ​​more than 186 acres.

Lahore Zoo is also good – one of the oldest in the world (First Bird Wolter The Future Park was donated to Lal Mahundhra Rama in the XVI in.), the largest and best in the country of the Lahore Museum, Museum of Fakir Khan (considered the largest assembly of antiques in South Asia), as well as Mall – the place of classical English parks and buildings in the colonial British style. Also in Lahore there is a huge number of all kinds of mausoleums and mosques, a simple listing of which will take not one page.

Cities Pakistan Lahore

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