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The capital of Pakistan since 1963, Islamabad lies on the outskirts of the Podvar Plateau, in the valley of the same name, where the traces of ancient culture of Sano were found. But the city itself is relatively young, so there are almost no historical monuments here, but there are many modern business neighborhoods, mosques, gardens, fountains and wide prospectuses with oriental flavor.

The main sights of the city are the modern mosque of Shah-Faisal Masdzhid of unusual architecture with four minarets with a height of 88 meters and a central building in the form of a Bedouin tent (by the way, it can accommodate up to 10 thousand people at the same time – its area of ​​more than 189 thousand square meters. m), shrines Shah-Abdul Latif (Imam Bari, XVI in.) and Said Meher-Ali Shah (XX in.), beautiful terraced gardens Daman-Koh and Shakarparian, Garden of roses and jasmine (area of ​​more than 20.5 thousand kV. m), Fatima-Ginnaya Park, as well as a small village of Goncharov Saidpur, also lying in the city.

The cultural life of Islamabad would be unthinkable without such well-known complexes as the National Art Gallery, the Children’s Palace of Arts, the Museum of the National Heritage and Lok-Visa Library (the first State Ethnographic Museum of the country, is open daily from 10.00 to 20.00, weekend – Monday), Pakistani Museum of Natural Science (open from 9.00 to 16.00, except Friday, the entrance is free), the richest Islamabad Museum in the Sir-Zayid Memorial Complex (open from Thursday to Tuesday from 09.30 to 16.30, day off – Wednesday), Open University of Allam Ikbal (Aiou), University of QUID-I-Azam (QAU), International Islamic University (IIU), National University of Science and Technology (Nust) and DR.

Ravalpindi City as two drops of water look like Islamabad and practically merges with the capital with its quarters. Also lying in the Valley of the Safe, he is 5 centuries older than the capital, so it can boast of its old handicraft quarters with many samples of local architecture, old bazaars (Suddar, Moth, Raja, Kashmir, Saraf and DR.), narrow streets. Forts of Ravat deserve special attention (XVI in., 17 km east of the center of Ravapindi), Giri (V-XIII centuries.) and pharval (XV in., 40 km from the city), Memorial complex Liacat (built in memory of the first prime minister of Pakistan) with gardens, a large audience and library, Iyuba National Park with a children’s fleet, lake, aquarium, restaurant and an open theater, a golf club, a public park and a stadium for cricket (one of the best in Asia).

Around Islamabad and Rawalpindi focused a colossal number of interesting objects. The main one is deservedly considered the city Taxila (35 km north-east of Islamabad) – the ancient capital of Gandjara, which is already more than 3 thousand years. Mentioned in Rigveda, the city was also a major center of Hindu civilization (along with the cities of Swat and Charsadda), and the large center of the Kushan Empire. Hundreds of monasteries and stupas were built in taxi for many generations of architects, the unique art of the Gandhar sculpture was originated here. Despite the whims of history, the city retained a large number of its ancient monuments, most of which, including unique archaeological excavations, focused around the beautiful Taxi museum (open from 8.30 to 17.30 in the summer and from 9.00 to 16.00 in winter). Another 50 archaeological sites diffuse within a radius of 30 km around the city, including the Stupa and the Monastery of Dhamaradzhik (Hamaragic, 300 g. to N. NS. – 200 g. N. NS.), Mound Bhir (600-200 Gg. to N. NS.), SirryAP (200 g. to N. NS. – 600 g. N. NS.), Temple of Jandial (250 g. to N. NS.) And the monastery of Jaulian (200-600. N. NS.), Farmers of the Buddha in the Valley of Swat, Stupa Butcarch and a good museum in the city of Schat (another center of the ancient Civilization of Gandjara), Stupa in Jamalgarh (one of the most ancient in the region, tentatively v in. to N. NS.).

Cities Pakistan Islamabad

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Cities Pakistan Islamabad

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