Pakistan City: Hyderabad

The old capital of Synda and the third largest city of Pakistan, Hyderabad (Hyderabad) is one of the oldest cities in South Asia.

Lying 160 km north-east of Karachi, he was known from the pre-Islamic times under the name of Nerununcot, but in the XVIII century, when the ind to change his bed, the city was transferred to its modern place on the left bank of the river and renamed. It was then that there was dominating the city of Fort, as well as its numerous monuments and Bazaar Shahi, surrounded by a labyrinth of tiny alley.

Nearby is the largest lake of the region – Manchar (area of ​​253 kV. km), widely known for its extensive swampy coastal zone, which serves the place of wintering of thousands of birds, as well as the inhabiting shores of Mohanna tribes, which are considered direct descendants Median Mohenjodaro.

Cities Pakistan Hydarabad

Approximately 90 km north of Hyderabada lies the largest fort of the country – Ranikot. It is surrounded by the walls of 10 meters high and a total length of almost 29 km, but his main mystery is in almost complete uselessness of such an impressive defensive structure in this deserted edge.

District Tharparcar (Tar Parcar, literally "Go desert") Eastern Hyderabad begins. It is a deserted terrain of dunes and low hills, saline wisdom and picturesque salted lakes. In this area deserve attention "Gate desert" – The city of Naocot (Naukt) with its old fort, a unique old temple in Gori, lying in the middle of the desert of Nagarparcar with nearby scaling complexes of Sardhara (Temple of Mahadeva and Sacred Ponds), Anchlisar (Lingam-Mahadeva Temple), Ruins of ancient Parinagar (V-VI BB. N. NS.) near the modern town of Viras and the ruins of three jainan cities near ram.

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