Pakistan city: Bahavalpur

Lying in the lower flow of the Sutling River, Bahavalpur (Bahawalpur) was founded by Abbasida in the XVII century, but in Pakistan entered only in 1954. Nowadays, this is an important shopping center located at the intersection of the roads between Peshawar, Lahore, Cvette and Karachi.

The main attractions are the central library building (1924., The library itself is considered to be the best in the country), a small, but very rich Museum of Bahavalpur, Zoological Garden (for 25 acres of territory there are 120 species of animals and 750 – birds, aquarium and zoological museum), Dring Stadium by 13 thousand people, Malluk Shah and Mosque Jamia Masdzhid Al-Garden.

Cities Pakistan Bahavalpur

But the main historical monuments lie outside this young, in general, cities. In the vicinity of Bahavalpur, you can see the old town of Ucha Sharif known for its own mausoleums, who saw the troops of Alexander Macedonsky, Lala-Shuhung National Park on both sides of the Bahaval Channel, the picturesque area of ​​Panjanad-Head, where all five Punjab rivers are merged, the colorful town of Dera Navab "Sodle (55 km from Bahavalpur), in which each self-respecting Raja considered the duty to build his palace, old forts of Munda Shahid (50 km from Bahavalpur) and Marot, Muzafirkhan (30 km from Bahavalpur) with the seven famous mausoleums Ali Ashab ( It is believed that Seven satellites and comrades of the Prophet are buried here, a beautiful mosque in Bhong (about 200 km from Bahavalpur), as well as the city lying in the very center of Punjab Multan (570 km from Islamabad, according to scientists’ estimates is the oldest constant in the country at the subcontinent – the first settlements at this place have at least 4 thousand years ago) with its numerous shrines, Fort and one of the best bazaars in Pakistan.

Cities Pakistan Bahavalpur

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