Cities on quarantine

The Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic, which began in January 2020 in China, has spread to the whole world, acquiring the character of a pandemic. Tens of thousands of sick and thousands of dead force governments of countries and regions to introduce unprecedented tough measures. The boundaries are closed, air traffic is interrupted, in many cities introduced the Commandant hour, people are transferred to remote work, schoolchildren and students learn online, cafes and restaurants do not work, the number of stores are reduced and selling only essential goods in them.

Cities on quarantine

Doctors around the world are photographed and postponed in the social network: "We work for you, stay at home for us". In China, these measures already give results – there, after three months of hard quarantine, the first sights open. Italians who can not communicate, go to the balconies and sing along with the neighbors – these videos are gaining many views on the Internet. Czechs and Poles are rewritten by banners, establishing them on opposite shores of the border river. And the other day, the heroes of social networks were the Police Majorca, who organized a dance five minute to children’s song EN Joan Petit Quan Balla ("When a little john dancing") under the windows of the residents of the resort town of Algide sitting in self-insulation. The world is waiting for people to come back to the streets of cities. In the meantime, see how our cities look like without the usual revival.

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