Oman City: Muscat

Muscat (Muscat) – an exceptionally kind of city with traditional mosques, adjacent to modern business quarters, made with oriental flavor.

Distributed on the coast of 200 km, it was only a small town in the top of the bay of chorus Masqueat until the 70s of the twentieth century. And only recently, with an increase in the economy of the country, Muscat has become one of the most beautiful cities of the Arab world, which has become a lot of old settlements of the coast.

The main attractions are fragments of the old fortress wall (XVII in.), Portuguese Forts of Maigu and Jalali (both XVIs in., access is limited), Fort Matro (Makara, XVI in.), Fort Beit Al-Flaladzh (1806 g.), old urban gates of Bab-Walpjat (XVI in.), Al-Alam Palace (1970.), Ministry of Religious Property Building, Majlis Al-Shura in Sib and famous "Omansky Sphinx" – rock "Stone face" (Old man) in the Rui area. The mosques are scattered around the city, among which the colossal mosque of Sultan Kabosa is particularly distinguished (2001.) in the area of ​​the Gup (the total area of ​​the complex is more than 46 thousand. kv. M. Plus Library and Islamic Institute). But it is especially surprising – the religious structures of other religions are preserved in this Islamic country – only in Muscat you can explore the former Portuguese Church of Beit Al-Gariza, the Catholic Church of Peter and Paul, the Oman Protestant Church in the Al-Burj Street area, as well as Hindu and Hindu Buddhist temples.

Cities Oman Muscat

The museums of the capital – the Oman Museum with a good historical exposition, the Museum of Natural History in the building of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, the Oman-French Museum ("Beit França"), Museum of Omansky Life in Fort Jalali, the historical Museum of Beit Az-Zubelar (Private Collection of the Besteur family), National Museum (Al-Mathaf al-Uatani), Military Museum in Fort Beit Al-Flapje, Child Museum (Rather – Huge entertainment and Cognitive complex for children) and the Museum of Natural History. The inertial eastern flavor is famous for the market of mattresses (bitten by Matrah al-Qadim), as well as many small markets and private shops scattered throughout the city (especially many of them in the Rui Trading Quarter).

Compared to other cities of the Arabian Peninsula, Muscat is surprisingly rich in vegetation. A lot of parks and gardens are broken here, the most interesting are the Pariam Park in Matrah, on the territory of which a beautiful garden is smashed and an amusement park operates, Palbo Park, Al-Rummet Park (570 thousand Area. kv. M.), Al-Kharus Park, Moon Park "Sinbad Fan City" and children’s amusement parks in Sibe. There is even an indoor skating rink (in Huire).

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