Cities in Vietnam: Vungtau

128 km southeast Ho Chi Minh is the largest tourist center of the country – Vung Tau (Vung Tau).

The resort town is located in the middle of the extended beaches of the coast of the South China Sea and for more than 100 years is the most popular resort of the country. Considerable significance in the eyes of the locals gives him the fact that after the victory of the Northwenthenemian army, it was from here that the latest American units were evacuated.


Also, the temple of Son-AM, two Hon-Ba Temple, one of the largest Buddhist temples of Vietnam – Bang-Tin-Sa ("House clean Nirvana", 1971.), Park Thche-ka-Fat-Dai ("Altar Buddha"), Tich-Fat-Dai pagoda (the largest in the region) and the same named sculptural park, a huge statue of Jesus Than-Zok (1974., Height – 30 m.), Nety Ban-Ting Monastery, NGOK-beat Pagoda, Lighthouse (1910 g.) At the top of the mountain Nyuno and the former royal residence of Bat-Ding ("White Villa", 1909.).


Bai Truoc (Tam Duong Beach) in the central part of the province is known to the purest shores and upscale hotels and restaurants. Nghinh Phong Beach from three sides is surrounded by coral reef. Dua Beach is located at the foot of the mountains and attracts extremal tourists with permanent waves, and the mountains offer a magnificent view.

Reviews and studies of trips

Vungtau: Sea and city history

Vungtau is more sharpened for Vietnamese citizens, residents of the Hoishmine metropolis who come to relax on the weekend. Every Saturday and Sunday all hotels 3 * -5 * filled with guests. Read more →

Cities of Vietnam Vungtau

kirill moiseev | Autumn 2015

Villa Blanche, Vungtau

I invite you to visit the Villa Blanche, the residence of the French Governor General of the Dumer, which in 1931-1932. became 13 president of the III of the French Republic. Read more →

kirill moiseev | Autumn 2015

Multi-storey for Vietnamese "middle class" in Wangtau

In Vungtau there are several multi-storey residential complexes where families live with higher incomes than in the whole country. Typically, the townspeople manage to earn about $ 200 per month. Read more →

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