Cities in Vietnam: Hanoi

Hanoi (Ha Noi, Hanoi) – Ancient City, Political, Economic and Cultural Center of the State. The city began its rapid development in the XI in., When Emperor Lee Kong Uan transferred his capital to Citadel Thang Long ("Citadel descending dragon"). Nowadays, this one of the most interesting cities in Southeast Asia is wide European-style apes and skyscrapers, many lakes, parks and fountains, mixed with hundreds of colonial mansions and pagodas.

The stretched almost 15 km along the Hongha River (Red, or Song-Hong), the city is divided into seven central regions ("Kwan") surrounded by the painted areas ("Hugher"), Most of which appeared after the 70s. X B. Charming "Old Quarter" or "36 FO FYUNG" ("36 streets") Nowadays, it is a mixture of narrow streets turned into a huge shopping area. The very capital itself is literally saturated by the sights of history – interesting Pagoda Chua-Mot-cat ("Pagoda on the post", 1049 g.), Bach-Ma temple ("Temple of white horse", IX B.), Cote Ko Tower ("Flag", 1812.), the largest lake of the capital – Ho-Taii ("Western"), on the shores of which there are many buildings of the emperors, dam on Street Chan-Kuang-Khai (1100 g.), Lake Hoan-Kyem ("Lake returned sword") With a pagoda Naggon-sleep ("Temple of jade mountain"), thap-ryu tower ("Towel Turtle") on the tiny islands and the bridge Hook ("Temple of the Rising Sun"), tomb Kin-Thaigen (part of the Imperial "Forbidden City", XI B.), the remains of the ancient defensive system of the capital – Kuan-Thhan and the Gate of Cuangong (XVII in.), the complex of the monuments of An-Zyong-Vyong on the site of the same name of the ancient capital of the country (the capital district of Dong-Anh), Pagoda of Chang Coco (the oldest cult factor of the capital, VI in.), Cathedral of St. Joseph (1886 g.), Pagoda Kwan-Su (Ambassadorz, ​​XVII in.), as well as numerous bridges and bridges, the most famous of which are the pedestrian bridge Long Bien (the oldest in the capital – 1902., Length 1682 M.), Chong Dong and Thang Long.

Monuments of later eras include the Temple of Literature (Wang Mail, founded in 1070. – First University in Southeast Asia) with Pavilion Kheue Van and an extensive collection of sculptures, an old French colonial area "Vil-Francese", Presidential Palace, religious places for each Vietnamese – Mausoleum Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh Museum, "House Ho Chi Minh on piles" and Ho Chi Mina bunker (in fact it is a whole network of tunnels built in 1967.) In which during the Vietnamese war, the first president of the country and members of the government took place from the raids of American aviation. Extremely original and numerous Museums of Hanoi – Museum of Fine Arts Bao Tang May Tarat, Ethnographic Museum (more than 15 thousand. Exhibits) with an interesting museum of folk architecture under the open-air, the impressive Museum of the Bao-Tang-Kwan-Doya Army, a unique Museum of Women, the Historical Museum of Bao Tang-Lich-SU, the Museum of the Revolution Bao Tang-Katr, Museum of Ho Chi Minh and the independence museum, as well as the Museum of Fine Arts Vietnam.

It is worth visiting the municipal puppet theater on Lake Hoan-Kyem (the performances are played right on the water), the Khanyan Municipal Theater (1901-1911.), Thong-Nyat Park ("Park IM. Lenina"In which, in January, the famous spring colors festival, Waterpark Dame-Sen and Tu-le, and, of course, the numerous capital markets, of which Dong Khan, Hom and Hang-yes are most popular.

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