Vietnam Cities: Danang

Danang (Da Nang) lies in the center of the country, in a picturesque area on a strongly rugged coast, among low mountains. Based in 1333 g., Nowadays, this is a large industrial and shopping center, one of the main ports of the country.


The main attractions of the Danang are the Luxury Museum of Trial Culture (Bao-Tang Tang Tang, 1915.), historical sites in Dongzionge (Infrapur), Khongmi, Chykyeu (Simhapur) and Thap Mom (Bin-Ding), Dieen-Hai Fortress (1813 g.), Hyu-Ting cemetery, one of the best water park in the country "Danang Water Park", Nearby marble mountains, famous Hayvan Pass ("Sea cloud", 496 M.) with the old French fort, Mountain Nguhanshon ("Five poetic mountain peaks") and stone craft workshops Nguhanshon, Langkau Island, as well as many wonderful beaches.


Danang is kilometers of sandy beaches on the shore of a clean and warm sea. Some places are spilled coral reefs. Danang chose forbes magazine to the most attractive world beaches.

Cities of Vietnam Danang

One of the advantages of the resorts of Danang is that all the beaches are relatively close to the city center and the tourist infrastructure – including places like Van Village, Nam O, Xuan Thieu, Bai Bac, Nam Tho, My Khe, Son Tra, Bac My An and Nam Non Nuoc. Arriving to Danang, tourists not only rest in a relaxing beach atmosphere and restore the strength in the fresh air, and also participate in the cultural and sports life of the region. Tourists in these parts are interested in NGU Hahn Son Non Nuoc, Caves Tang Chon, Huyen VI and Quan Am, as well as Non Nuoc Art Set and PHONG NAM.

Reviews and studies of trips

Danang and first impressions from Vietnam

Danang turned out to be a very civilized and pleasant city. The main attraction of the city is the bridge in the form of a dragon, around him a lot of tourists is photographed. Read more →

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