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By order of authorities, all beaches of Odessa are free, however, there are also VIP zones with improved service and purest sand. Traditional rental services for chaise lounges and umbrellas here is more expensive, but also the level of comfort above. In the weekend, the cost of services is increasing.

Beach "Langeron" Located closest to the historical center. For tourists – Topchan, sun loungers, umbrellas; on the coast many cafes and restaurants. However, it is worth considering that the beach is very popular – and throughout the season of holidaymakers a lot. Besides "Langerone" There is an oceanarium and dolphinarium. Club beach "Treasure Island", located on the territory "Langeron", a little more expensive, but also the level of comfort above. Also, on the coast there is a beach center for entertainment "Aquapolis", which will be interesting and children and adults. Tourists who came to Odessa in their car can leave the car in the car park.

Home Landmark Beach "Otrada" – Cableway, which connects the coast with the French boulevard. On the beach there is a yacht club "Otrada", Where can I rent a boat, catamaran and even yacht. Go on a little journey to the open sea on the yacht will help the experienced crew.

Sand beach "Dolphin" The beach is suitable for tourists traveling by car, here is a convenient entrance to the sea coast and there is a paid car park. For tourists – rental of chaise lounges, umbrellas, inflatable mattresses. It is worth considering that on the beach cafe and restaurants a little. On the territory of the sanatorium "Magnolia", Located in French Boulevard, there is an elevator – and after the rest of the sea you can climb it, and not on the stairs. On the beach there is a paid VIP sector "Taboo".

The most famous Odessa beach "Arcadia" referred to as Ukrainian Ibiza; Today, the beach is a modern resort with a well-developed infrastructure. Almost around the clock, live music sounds on specialized sites, and on the shore there are restaurants and bars. The beach is well suited for families with children – a gentle entrance to the sea and the sandy coast will ensure comfortable holidays to the kids and calm parents. In addition, on the coast there is a specialized children’s town. However, Arcadia is always noisy and crowded and crowded, so lovers of a relaxing rest are preferable to choose a less popular place. There is an entertainment center on site "CONCH". Closer to midnight "Arcadia" turns into a nightlife center where the most famous city parties are held.

Per "Arkady" There is a beach "Big Fountain". Such a name is given by the District for the abundance of streams arising from catacombs along the whole shore. The coast is a wide strip of sandy beaches. For tourists – rental of scooters and boats; On the beaches there are many cafes and restaurants.

Beach "Golden shore" – one of the most beloved among the inhabitants of Odessa, so during the whole season here is traditionally crowded. The beach is sandy and quite wide; Strengthened descent to him ends with a paid car park – and therefore, to the coast, it will be convenient to get tourists by car. Rent of chairs, umbrellas; There are shower with fresh water. Kids will like a small children’s town on trampolines located on the shore. "Golden shore" linked by high-speed boats with Arkady, Lusanovka and the Marine Station.

Open nudist beach "Chkalovsky" Located near the city center; It is valued for the good location and purity of the shore. The coast, unlike the rest of Odessa Beach, – pebble. You can rent topchains, lounge chairs and umbrellas; There are shower with fresh water. It is worth considering that this nudist beach is well review – and there are no secluded places at all.

Sandy Lustdorf beaches Deleted from the center of Odessa by 15 kilometers. "Lustdorf" Translated from German – "Cheerful village": Among the locals, the place is also known as the date of Kovalevsky. On the coast, cottages of rich Odessans are located – that is why the infrastructure of the beaches is well developed.

Most Democratic Beach Odessa "Lusanovka" stretched one and a half kilometers. This is the only natural beach in the city – there are no breakwaters, no purses. On the shore there are cafes, restaurants, water entertainment for children; At night, the coast becomes an alternative "Arcadia" – Center for nightlife. The beach is located forty minutes away by route taxi from the city center towards the village of Kotovsky – that is why there is a relatively low.

Beach Ilyichevsk

Ilyichevsk removed from the center of Odessa by 15 kilometers and is located on the shores of the Odessa Bay. In the city, two beach – urban and "Rainbow" – with a natural sandy pillow. The five-kilometer coast is well equipped; In addition to the traditional rental of chaise lounges and umbrellas, the beaches of the city there are complexes of water and entertainment attractions. Also on the beach "Rainbow" Possible marine walks on the boat along the coast. You can get to Ilyichevsk from Odessa on the route taxi.

Beaches Carolino-Bugaz and Koblevo

Resorts Carolino-Bugaz and Koblevo will suit tourists who are looking for a relaxing holiday and spacious beaches with a minimum neighbors. Areas are located 60 kilometers from Odessa. The only minus beaches – infrastructure is not well developed everywhere; However, on the equipped beaches of Bugaz, you can rent water biking and take windsurfing lessons. In addition, there are cafes and restaurants in the resort area; Water slides are equipped for children. The coast of sandy and wide, with gentle entrance to the sea. Getting to Carolino-Bugaz and Koblevo can also be on the train and route taxis, following.


In Odessa, the main thing is to look up to top and on the sides; Houses and yards are curious with their flavor, without historical references and encyclopedic articles.

Odessa’s most interesting sights are The Potemkin Stairs (the largest in the country), famous for the film Sergey Eisenstein "Battleship Potemkin", Opera theatre (It is considered the second on beauty in Europe), City Duma Building And finally, Deribasovskaya street, named so in honor of the founder of the city of Joseph Deribas.

Decent visits to the monuments "Belts of glory" At the turn of defense Odessa, Hospital, Primorsky Boulevard and Semicond Square (1826-1829.) with the monument to Rishle, Palaishes Vorontsov, Naryshkina and Pototsky, Assumption Monastery (1824 g.) and the spiritual seminar, the old stock exchange and the Odessa seaport (the largest on the Black Sea). It’s nice to walk on the charming streets of Pushkinskaya, Richel’evskaya, Langeronian, famous Moldova. You can visit the unique complex of underground workings ("Odessa metro"), Ruins of the Turkish fortress in Taras Shevchenko Park, Church of St. Mary Magdalene, as well as first-class museums – archaeological (richest collection of Egyptian, Scythian and ancient antique), Artistic, Museum of the Sea Fleet, Literary, Museum of Western and Eastern Art, historical and local history, Literary Memorial Museum A.WITH. Pushkin and others.

Among the many museums of the city exposure "Old Odessa" Standing mansion. Initially, even literally: the museum was located the guard tower of the destroyed fortress of the XVIII century. Now the museum is ranked on Greek Street. "Old Odessa" – This collection of postcards, engravings, documents, vintage items of life, assembled by the Native Odessa Rudolph CIorn and telling about the history of the city, which is important, entertaining.

Listen to the so-called "Odessa" can be on the market "Bringing". But in this case you need not in the indoor Novodel with a big sign "Bringing", And on a real, noisy bazaar located away from the built building.

In addition, curious Catacombs, Located near Odessa. A visit to multi-kilometer underground tunnels is possible only with the composition of tourist groups. As a rule, individual tourists can be joined by excursions for an additional fee.

Children will be interested in visiting the largest in the CIS Dolphinarium, which works year-round and Zoo – They are located in the center of Odessa.

Near Odessa, in the village of Chernomorskoe, is located aquapark: Work children’s and adult slides, fountains and attractions, and water is heated in the pools.


In Odessa, there is a lot of sanatoriums – therapeutic mud of Limanov and mineral springs attract tourists from all over the former CIS and Europe.

Traditionally, most of the city guests chooses a private sector – rental apartments or room will cost much cheaper hotel room.

The cost of one-room apartment for a day starts with thousands of rubles, the room can be removed twice cheaper. In addition, there is a special bureau at the railway station, which for a rather symbolic fee for half an hour will help to find a place of residence, depending on the budget and wishes of the tourist.

Hotels and hostels in the city also abound; The price of a double room in the hotel begins with two thousand rubles a day, in the hostel the cost of living – from two hundred rubles per person.

Cities of Ukraine Odessa

Urban transport

In addition to the main urban transport, a free funicular is also functioning in Odessa, with which you can climb to Potemkin’s stairs. Not far from Beach Otilda there is a cable car. Walking boats running along the coast. In addition, a motor ship is sent from the international port of Odessa in Istanbul "South Palmyra". Time in the way – about a day. In addition, haifes and Varna can be reached on ferries from Odessa.

How to get

You can get to Odessa by plane, train and bus.

Regular flight is associated with Vienna, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Athens, Moscow, Kyiv and many other cities in Europe.

Passenger trains run between Odessa and Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kyiv, Lviv, Prague, Vienna, Berlin and other cities in Europe and the CIS.

Bus service connects Odessa with cities of Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine.


Odessa Limans with healing mud are used as resorts already with 1829 g. (Arkady, Lusanovka and others.).

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