Cities of Ukraine: Lviv

One of the largest and oldest cities of Ukraine – Lviv, This is a real open-air museum included in the list of UNESCO world treasures. Western European and Slavic architectural traditions were mixed in this city, the best masters worked here and the first books were produced.


Now in Lviv there are about two thousand architectural and historical monuments, among which are particularly popular high and low locks on the castle grief, the Cathedral Gothic Cathedral of John the Baptist (XIV-XV centuries.) with Renaissance Chapels of Boal and Campian (XVII in.), the chapel of the three saint (XVI in.), Willchkovskaya and black rocky (XVI-XVII centuries.) in the style of rebirth, area "Old market" with beautiful fountains, royal and urban arsenals (XVIII in.), Town Hall (1381 g.), Powder tower, Church of Paraskeva Friday, Synagogue Golden Rose, Italian Pit, Church of Peter and Paul, Lychakovsky Cemetery, Chub. Anthony, Our Lady of Ostroy, Jesuits (XVII in.), Dominicans (XVIII in.), St. Yelzhbytty, St. Cathedral. Yura (XVIII in.), monastery and church of St. Onufria, Armenian Church and other cult facilities. Thousands of tourists attract the opera and ballet theater, monument A. Mitskevich, tomb of the princes of Galitsky, strengthening the Bernardian monastery and the Church of Bernardians (XVII in.), monument to Ivan Fedorov, Lviv Polytechnic, hotel "Georges", Saturated historical monuments Street our, Shevchenko Avenue and Utility Square, as well as dozens of museums of the city, among which the Museum of West Architecture of Western Ukraine is allocated "Shevchenkovsky Guy", Pharmacy Museum on Drkarskaya, Armory, Porcelain and Faians Museum, Furniture Museum, Historic, Lviv Art Gallery, First Ukrainian Museum of Beer and T. D.

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Cities of Ukraine Lviv

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Cities of Ukraine Lviv

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