Cities of Ukraine: Kyiv

The capital of Ukraine Kyiv is one of the most ancient cities in Eastern Europe, often called "Mother of our cities", Based in V in. N. NS.

  • Monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky on Sofia Square
  • Evening Panorama Independence Square
  • Embankment Dnieper from a bird’s eye view

Sights of Kyiv

  • Ensemble of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra
  • Panorama of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra
  • Neighborhood of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra
Cities of Ukraine Kyiv

Kyiv is considered one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, and this is not surprising – on its territory you can see such unique monuments of history as an ensemble Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (1051 g.) – one of the world centers of Orthodoxy and invaluable architecture monument included in the UNESCO Treasure List, Golden Gate (XI B.), unique historical and cultural monument – Khortytsya Island, Middle and distant caves of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, in which the remains of Anthony and Feodosia Pechersk, Ilya Muromets, Nestor Chronicen and other legendary historical personalities, famous Andrew’s Descent, Vladimir Gorka, Podol and Khreshchatyk, River Pocaine, in which Prince Vladimir baptized Kyiv, Governor’s house (1780 g.), Klovsky (1752-1756.) and Mariinsky (1745-1752.) Palaces, majestic Museum of the Great Patriotic War and many charming streets that give the city unique flavor.

  • Golden Gate
  • Khreshchatyk
  • Mariinsky Palace

Among the relatively modern buildings allocated "House with Chimeras" Building the beginning of the 20th century, in 2003, transferred to the President of Ukraine.

  • Andreevsky Descent and St. Andrew’s Church
  • "House with Chimeras"
  • View from the bell tower of the Sofia Cathedral

By the number of churches and temples, Kyiv on has equal in the CIS – complex Sofia Monastery (XI B.), Vydubitsky monastery (XI B.) with Mikhailovsky (1070-1088.) and Georgievsky (1696-1701.) Cathedrals, Church of the Savior on Berestov (1113-1125., Yury Dolgoruki is buried here), St. Vladimir’s Cathedral (1862-1896.), Kirillov Church (XI B.), Andreevsk Church (1747-1753.), Fraternal monastery (1616 g.), Resurrection Church (1701-1705.), Nikolaevsky (1899-1909.) and Aleksandrovsky (1817-1842.) Costels, Church of Feodosia Pecherski (1698-1702.), Floro monastery (XV B.) and more than 20 other cult facilities.

  • Square in front of the Sofia Cathedral
  • St. Michael’s Cathedral
  • Independence Square

Attention and numerous city museums attract – National Museum. Shevchenko, Museum of Ukrainian Fine Arts, Museum of West and Eastern Art, Museum of People’s Decorative Art, National Museum of People’s Architecture and Life in Pirogovo, Archaeological Museum, Museum of Medicine History, Museum Mikhail Bulgakov, Kyiv-Pechersk State Historical and Cultural Reserve, Museum of Arts. Bogdan and barbarians hanenkov, Museum of one street, Center for Contemporary Art with Naukma, Museum of History of the Great Patriotic War, Historical and Architectural Monument Museum "Kyiv fortress", Interesting and modern Water Museum and numerous art galleries and exhibitions.

  • Water Museum
  • Museum of People’s Architecture and Life of Ukraine
  • Museum of Bulgakov

With children worth walking on Landscape alley downtown.

  • Fountain on landscape alley
  • Monument to Princess Olga, Andrei Champion and Equal-Apostles Kirill and Methodius
  • Monument Founders in Kyiv, established in 1982

Around Kyiv

The Museum is 60 km from Kyiv Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky – One of the oldest cities of the country, famous for numerous museums and the special charm of their streets.

In two hours drive from Kyiv is located Kanev – The city in which Taras Shevchenko is buried.

To the north of the capital there is an ancient city Chernigov (907 g.), known for its historical and cultural monuments, Savior Transfiguration (XI in.) and Borisoglebsky (XII in.) Cathedrals. Pyatnitsky Church (XII-XII centuries.), Lizoguba House (1690s.), Yeletsky ensembly (XVII in.) and Troitsky (XVII-XVIII centuries.) Monasteries, as well as caves, hidden by people in the XI-XII centuries.

In the town Kamenets-Podolsky (founded in the XI in.) Attention is attracted to the monument of medieval military architecture – the Museum-Reserve of the Turkish Fortress (XIV-XVI centuries., Rebuilt in the XVII-XVIII centuries.), Gothic church (XVI in.), Peter and Paul’s church (XVIV.), Wooden Cross) (XVIII in.) and etc.

Cities of Ukraine Kyiv

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