Cities of Ukraine: Kharkov

The most old and famous building of the city is the Pokrovsky Cathedral (1689.) performed in a charming our-Ukrainian style. Equally interesting Ekaterininsky Palace (XVIII in.), old provincial warehouses (XVIII in.), Baroque Assumption Cathedral (1777 g.), Triumphal pillar in honor of Victory over Napoleon (1821-1844.), city council building (1885 g.), complex of buildings of the old university (1805 g., The second in the our Empire after Moscow), one of the largest areas in the world – pl. Freedom (12 hectares), buildings of former commercial school (now National Law Academy of Ukraine. Yaroslav Wise), the first Kharkov real school and the first male gymnasium, as well as the huge building of the Lim (1928.) and numerous monuments and monuments.

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About Kharkov, climbing and monument to Vysotsky

If walking from Gogol’s street towards Shevchenko’s park, you will not avail the Victory Square with a famous mirror jet, which is one of the symbols of the city. Read more →

tan-alex | Autumn 2016

Cities of Ukraine Kharkov

Kharkiv Gorky Park – one of the best in Europe

I introduced us to the park by the author of glowing sculptures, which breathed even more romantiarity to the place of recreation Kharkiv and guests of the city. Read more →

tan alex | Summer 2016

How does Kharkov look like now?

What Kharkov looks like I already showed you before. And now I will show you what Kharkov looks like if you just walk through the streets in the center. What we see there? Answer in this post. Read more →

Cities of Ukraine Kharkov

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