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Colorful town URGYUP (Urgup) lives a more natural life than man-oriented Görem. Until 1923, the town was predominant to the Greeks, from which there are many beautiful buildings scattered around the city. And the tuffing cliffs rummaged right above the city quarters are literally permeated with a network of artificial caves – many of them are used as residential premises, warehouses and stalls for donkeys, which usually notes every dawn throughout Cappadocia. But there are several untouched levels that can be studied with a little big convenience than in the same potion.

  • Mosque kebir
  • Urban Street
  • Artificial caves
  • Typical courtyard


Cities of Turkey Urguype

Deserve mosque Kebir (XIII B.) and seven hundred hundred-meter tunnel, which leads through the subsoil of the rock to the species platform on the other side, Park Temmer (Also known as a hill of desires; Open daily from 8.30 to 18.00; Login – 1 Try) with Seljuk Mausoleum Klyj-Aslan-Turbe (1268 g.), a small madrasa of the same period (now used as a cafe), small City Museum (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.00 to 17.30, input – 2 TRY), as well as as many as six distillers.

However, the local residents themselves are the best consider Turasan’s wines from Esbelli (Esbelli, 1 km to the north-west of the city center) and inexpensive varieties of cooperative Taskobirlik, whose distortion is located in the old caravansera, also outside the city feature. It is worth remembering that white capadocian wines are clearly better than local red varieties that often get simply mixing local wine material with wines from other regions.

Around the city

6 km south of Urgupua lies a small village Mustafapsha (Mustafapaasa), famous for its homes in Greek style with carved facades, the Church of Ayos-Vasilios with the ancient frescoes and the church of the Holy Cross in the gorge of Uzgenj-Dere, as well as the Greek monastery with the churches of Ayia Nicholas and Ayia Stefanos. Well, of course, there are also quite a few houses, or attached to ancient residential caves, or simply using them as a housekeeping.

South villages "Peribadzalary" inferior to the table mountains that look no less picturesque than the remains of the northern valleys. Fantastic Red Canyon, according to which the road from Urgyupa goes to Eshilhisar, brings to the reservoir of the Dams with a small beach and a good fish restaurant (highly rare in these places), a rock complex at Suml with three churches (III-VIII centuries., It is considered one of the most ancient monasteries in the region), the village of Tashkynpasha (TaskinPasa) with the Seljuk Mosque of the XIV century and Madrasa with a carved stone door of the same period, as well as a large cave complex at the Ayvali village (Ayvali).

Reviews and studies of trips

Everything at once

Flew in the morning, got a visa ($ 20). In place they took a taxi from the airport to the hotel recommended in LP (Lonely Planet guide "Turkey", ed. 2005): TURKMEN Hotel ($ 25). Hotel Pleasant Manager, Air Conditioned Room ($ 70), Room Decorated with Tiles, Beautiful view from the window to a big mosque. The hotel is located in the heart of the city, to the blue mosque 5 minutes walk. The price includes a traditional Turkish breakfast (tomatoes, olives, cheese, jam, egg, fresh bread, coffee or tea), however, not very plentiful. Read more →

Protein | July 2008

Dust Eastern roads

The whole flight from Bucharest in Istanbul occupies exactly an hour. The air route passes over the Black Sea, so it was impossible to see anything interesting in the windows. But I turned my place with a super bonus – next to a spare way out, which means that the distance to the ahead of the armchair is a whole meter! Did not have time for citizens in the plane to drink their coffee or something stronger, as the plane has already walked for landing. Finally, the strip of sushi appeared in the porthole, and after a few minutes we swept over the bottle of Bosphorus, whose lead waters were slowly crawled down dozens of large ships and thousands of some boats. Read more →

Cities of Turkey Urguype

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