Turkey city: Tarsus

Approximately 30 km east of Mersin, halfway to Adana, are the birthplace of St. Paul and the place where Cleopatra met Mark Anthony – Tarsus..

  • Cave Eshbi-Kekhf
  • Mosque and Minaret
  • Church of the Apostle Paul
  • Exhibits of the Naval Museum
  • Cities of Turkey Tarsuse


This is one of the oldest cities in the region, founded by the Assyrian king Sancherib in the VIII century BC. NS. However, it was accurately preserved from his former majestity, only the very center of the city, around those built by the Romans Gate Cleopatra (Turkish – Cabin Cabs, which has enough impartial translation – "Grieve gates"). South-west elevated complex Cultural Center with Museum Tarsus (open from Thursday to Saturday from 9.00 to 17.00, input – 2 TRY), from which Cumhuriyet Alani can be released on the side street Antik-Shechiru ("Old city"). Excavations are being conducted here, which revealed the main street and several temples lying a lot below the modern level of land laid by basalt plates.

Through the same narrow alley, you can go to Well of St. Paul (Sen Pol Kuyusu) – a simple well, the only decoration of which is a canopy and a wooden gate. It is believed that it is located on the site of the native house of the future of the saint, although the excavations have never been held here and is it – it is unknown. North, behind the complex of the court, the mosques rises Macs and Eski-Kamai (1102 g.), and near – Roman term and Fountain of Checkler (Mythical Snake Lord).

Still north, on the banks of the river, you can detect the complex Shelery with waterfall, park, tea gardens and restaurants. On the hillside, the park above the park is overhasty by the legends of the cave Eschabi Kekhf ("Seven sleeping", Free access).

Reviews and studies of trips

What is not included in All Inclusive. Vintage houses Tarsouce and Fish Kabaki Mersina

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What is it, real "Adana Kebab"?

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