Turkey City: Sinop

One of the best natural harbors on the Black Sea, ancient times attracted the attention of people, so it is impossible to determine the exact date of the nucleation of Sinop (SINOP). According to legends, the colony was founded by Avalik, a satellite of Jason, who erected here the temple and Oracle, calling the settlement in honor of Sinopa – Queen of Amazons and the daughter of the river god. Be that as it may, in the VIII century BC. NS. There already existed a powerful Greek colony, which turned into a mitridate to the capital of the Pontic Kingdom. However, after the seizure of the northern coast of Malaya Asia Rome, the role of the city began to fall, and after the capture of the city in October 1214, Selzhuki is almost not mentioned in the chronicles until 18 (30) in November 1853, when the our fleet under the command of Admiral Nakhimov broke Ottomans in the famous Battle of Sinop. Now it is a large fishing port on the Boztepe Peninsula, quite quiet and in Turkish standards – a calm city with a population of only 30-40 thousand people.

  • Walls in the northern part of the city
  • Tower and wall fragment
  • Prison on Sakarya Caddesi
  • Panorama of the city
  • Cities of Turkey Sinop


To the attractions of Sinepa include a small prison on Sakarya Caddesi, Until 1882, the vevor and the core of the city citadel, the old urban walls and towers (II-XVI centuries.), Fort Eski-Tabia, mosque Alaceddin (Mid-XIII century – the oldest in the city), Madrasa Alai, or Pervan (XIII in.), not bad Museum of Sinopa, Surrounded by mosques and cemeteries Ruins of the Byzantine Church Balatlar (VII B.), as well as beaches Kumsal, Karakum, Dyshliman and Akliman (all – west of the city).

Around the city

Archaeological site deserve attention Kochagin a few kilometers south-west of Sine, more like a fjord Cute Hamsilos Bay 11 km west of the city, bird Lake Sarykum, and Waterfalls Tatlyja (have the status of the National Park) in a narrow two-kilometer valley 14 km south of Efelek village (Efelek).

To the west of the peninsula you can detect a pleasant fishing port Helldi (Helaldi) with a decent beach and a few pensions, small resort Abana (Abana, 40 km on west) with a good pebble beach, the largest resort between Sinop and Amasra – Inbolu (Inebolu), idyllic village Couch (Kapisuyu) with the picturesque mouth of the mountain river Derbent, as well as the good shores of Cape Chacras (CaKraz) and near the village of Bozkoy (Bozkoy).

Reviews and studies of trips

Sinop (Turkish Black Sea)

Sinop is replete with old semi-day builders, in which shops, offices and accommodation are located. Really old houses literally coexist with Novyodel. Read more →

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