Northeast Kusadasi, at the foot of the Bondjuk Mountain (747 m) lies the town Selchuk (Selcuk), famous as the burial place of John the Bogoslov. The grave of this saint on Hill Ayasoluk (distorted Ayos-Theologos – "Saint Theologian") that once surrounded the largest Christian temple in the region (destroyed by Mongols of Tamerlane in 1402 and now only colonnades and walls remained from him), they still consider the main attraction of the city. In addition, the ruins of Artemision are interesting – the temple of Artemis, burned by the notorious Herostrate in 356 BC. NS. (open daily, with 8.30 to 17.30, the entrance is free), 200 meters east of the city feature, as well as the Isa Bay Mosque (XIV in.) – the most outstanding of the monuments of the Seljuk style, which gave the city of his name.

  • The grave of John the Bogoslov
  • Wall of Byzantine Castle
  • Mosque Isa Bay
  • Modern city
  • Cities of Turkey Selchuk

Restored Byzantine castle on the top of the hill, which is the most ancient part of the villagers, is currently closed after partial collapse of one of its walls. But the famous Museum of Ephesi (Efes Muzesi; Open Daily from 8.30 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 19.00, in winter – up to 17.00, input – 4 try) constantly expanding and good. This is not surprising – the ancient Ephesus, the items from which and make up the collection, literally opposite the town, on the opposite slope of the valley.

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Ancient Greek advertising in Ephesus

On one of the streets of Ephesus lies the stove with "imprint" feet. This sign indicated local residents and sailing to the city of sailors to a public house. Read more →

Polina Boytsova | March 2017

Fate kill

Coo school bench hearing about "seven wonders of light", One of which is called the temple of Artemis Ephesus, destroyed, restored and later burned by Herostrate. It remains from him that’s what: read more →

kodola | November 2012

Such a different Turkey

The trip took eighteen days. Our route: Istanbul – Ankara – Cappadocia (Horse) – Pamukkale – Fetie – Kash – Demre – Fetie – Selchuk – Izmir – Istanbul. I wanted to see another Chankkale and Bursa, but "We assume, and God has", So came out. Historical references, the description of the monuments in this report was not our goal, as detailed, useful information can be found in other reviews about Turkey, guidebooks. We will briefly discuss the description, but mostly our impressions, recommendations. Read more →

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