City and Port Picking (Ancient Phoenic) almost did not save evidence of his glorious past and has few interesting places.

The Ancient Citrus Growing Center (Orange is even depicted on the coat of arms of the municipality) quickly turns into a seaside resort with a good marina (much cheaper than in Antalya) and dozens of mansions belonging to residents of Istanbul, Ankara and foreigners. By and large, he already joined the demre and often even referred to as his area, although in fact it is quite an independent town.

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The sandy city beach (4 km east of the china) is also not much different from other resort places Anatolian coast. There are two more pretty bays with pebble shores closer to the demre – Gokliman (4 km west) and Kagyli (8 km west of town). However, it is from the finnote that most routes begins to ruins of the ancient cities of Arikanda and Limir.

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Around the city

Approximately 10 km deep into the mainland from the density of the highway No. 635 lie actively digging in the Austrian assistance of the ruins of the ancient city Limira. According to legends, the city was founded in the V century BC. NS., And already in the 4th century, the pericles makes it the capital of Lycia. In the Byzantine times, Limir became a bishop residence, but was almost completely destroyed by Sarcins in the VII-IX centuries. NS. The main settlement and most of his public buildings lie at the foundation of the hill, but most of them are strongly destroyed, so most of the places available to tourists represent only an ancient necropolis. However, the fortified Acropolis, the so-called "Western cemetery", Theater (II in. N. NS.) and the grave of the pericla behind it has been preserved relatively well. Although most researchers tend to attribute the burial place of this Lycian ruler and founder of the Federation of cities to the Mausoleum on the top of the mountain north theater. This two-story burial consists of a lower funeral chamber and the upper chamber, stylized under the temple with rows of karyatid, and looks noticeably richer than "Official" Mogila.

Gorodishche Arikanda Located 34 km north of Pin, just 1 km from the roadside village Arif (ARIF). Also based approximately in the V century BC. NS. on the site of more ancient settlement, up to the II century. NS. The city was known mainly to the laziness and wastefulness of his inhabitants, even in sayings. Before the XI century, the new era, the city remained the residence of the Deltsov and changed, but it was precisely this and contributed to the appearance of rich architectural complexes here, perhaps only with delfes. The archaeological site separated by the gorge into two parts will allow to see the lower Acropolis (the name conditional, the true purpose of this complex complex is so fully and not clarified), the small terms and the estimated shopping district, the large basilica (IV-V BB.) with an extensive mosaic and a more modest church (VII – X centuries.), a ten meter facade of the once huge set of Western term with numerous windows on two levels, halls with apse at each end, well-preserved pool and gymnasium. Also deserve attention to the small temple (or grave) above the thermows, an impressive theater on the site of an ancient Odeon and a small stadium.

And 15 km north-east, in the middle of an extensive mountain plain, the old Ottoman city spread Elmala (ELMALI) – Center of the most extensive agricultural district of Highlands and "Apple capital Likia" (the city name itself can be translated from Turkish as "apple", or "from apple"). His old quarters, picturesquely spread on the slopes of Mount Elmala Dag (2296 m), abound with beautiful wooden buildings, and although many of them are not in the best condition, the walk here is definitely effort. There is also a wonderful mosque Omer Pasha in the classic Ottoman style (XVII in.), in whose madrasa is now located the library, the terms of Hamam Bay (XVI in., Not recommended for visiting foreigners) and the best market in the region.

Reviews and studies of trips

Under the sail in Turkey

Explain what kind of open sea, white sails and deck, rolls and mooring, I did not need. My husband was deprived of my such experience, and therefore, when it became possible to more than just budget to go on a yacht (renting a ship to the crew from 5 people cost 500 euros from the nose, including the captain), I decided by anything to pull it out and infect with your love. Read more →

Lec UMF | January 2009

Shores and tombs

The red rim of the sun is wedged between the sea and the sky, breaking the smoke line of the horizon. Wind increases. I’m sitting on a forgotten bedding in the middle of a huge beach, lifeless and uncomfortable at this dawn hour. Around neither soul. On the right black cliffs at the entrance to the Olympos Valley, on the left – only the sand, the sea and the brightened sky over the spurs of the mountains. Read more →

Yuri | October 2006

Journey in Turkey by car

Flew from Moscow with a delay of 1 hour. Why the flight was detained unknown, there were no visible reasons. Flew on Tu-154. At the beginning of the flight, Stewardles announced that the crew commander of rabbits wishes a pleasant flight. Everything would be nothing, only space for dwarfs. Otherwise – 100 dollars quite pull. Flight 2 hours 35 min. Ataturk Airport – huge sizes. Come from the intestine to the place of purchase of brands (visas) minutes 10-12. Gras of $ 20, but a cartoon for 2 months. Then getting a car in Sixte. Everything was wonderful here, it turned out that I was striking for 42 at their standard price 45.50 per day with a rental period from 7 days. After 20 minutes already sat in the car. Read more →

Cities of Turkey Pinika

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