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The main port of Lycia, another oracle of the antiquity and the birthplace of St. Nicholas, the city Patara (Patara) lies on the southern outskirts of the modern village of Gelemis (Gelemis) near the mouth of Eshhen (Xanthos). Numerous myths attribute the origin of the city of Grekam, but the finds of recent years prove that the port appeared during the days of the Phoenicians, and his flourishing falls for the period of the Lycian Federation. His glory was associated with the temple and Oracle Apollo, who competed in his influence with the Delfami themselves (legends attribute to the Zanthos Valley "Winter resort" this ancient God), but no traces of this temple have not yet been detected.

Archaeological site (Open daily: from May to October – from 8.30 to 19.30, from November to April – from 8.30 to 17.00, input – 2 TRY) is a whole network of unidentified ruins enclosed in the square of the ancient walls. The entrance to the city is marked by three arches of the well-preserved Roman gate (I in. N. NS.), Behind the hill, considered, presumably, the location of the very temple of Apollo. The south begins the complex of the term with arches and the foundation of some kind of construction resembling a basilica.

  • Archaeological site, Patar
  • Ruins amphitheater
  • Sand beach

West is the longest plot of urban walls and an attractive Temple of the second century of our era with a beautifully decorated gate. South Starts of Vespasian (69-79 GG. N. NS.), Main Agora, theater a little west and remains of colonnade. South of the theater, the track rises to the acropolis of the city with a mysterious square afternoon. The once lying at the foot of the Acropolis, the old harbor has long turned into a brassing swamp, separated today from the sea dunes up to 300 meters wide. In the long part of the former port, you can still see the big ruins of the granira.

Cities of Turkey Patara


Nowadays, Patars, like her satellite Gelemic, are more famous not by their ancient ruins, but an excellent white sandy beach, hotels, bars and restaurants. In the summer, sea turtles eggs are laying on this shore, so a visit to the beach after the occurrence of darkness is prohibited from May to October. And in the winter of the lagoon behind attracts a huge number of birds from inner Anatolia. Therefore, now all this area, together with the ruins of the Patary, is protected by the state. However, the beach itself is one of the longest in the Mediterranean – 9 km from the edge to the mouth of the river and 6 km behind him, so there are enough places here and animals and people. The means of maintenance away from Hememic are quite modest, and the surf here is often stronger than in other areas of the Anatolian coast, but there is a great beach and archaeological sites next to Latones (you can also walk on foot).

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Cities of Turkey Patara

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