a small village Oltahisar (Ortahisar) lies halfway between Görem and Urgyub.

It has long been known as a country of lemons, this area still grows almost a quarter of the entire harvest of this citrus, and numerous rocky cities are often used as warehouses for storing fruits. The village itself has kept its national flavor and charm, considering one of the most friendly seats in Cappadocia, and not too "spoiled" Spirit of profit.

  • View of the city
  • Caves of an ancient city
  • Rock Fortress
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One of the main temptations of Opetyisar – similar to the fortress of the rock with a height of 86 meters, almost entirely "Announced" Caves of an ancient city (open daily from 7.30 to 20.30, input – 2 try). There are small Museum of Culture (Open daily from 9.00 to 21.00, entrance – 2 TRY), located in a pretty building of Jumhurian Meidan in the heart of the village. His collection contains a good exposition on culture and ethnography of Cappadocia, and not only the region of Nevsehir, but also more distant areas.

There are also many interesting places around the village, however, to get to them the help of local residents will need, because they independently navigate in the chaos of the valleys, rocks and remains are extremely difficult.

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Where winds sing.

This morning I woke up with the awareness of the acute need to make some feat. The textbook on quantum physics under the pillow reminded of the last exam, and a small heaviness in the head suggested that this exam was yesterday. Hooray! Now I am absolutely free for the next six months! Well, if officially, for two weeks … A trip to Turkey for the winter holiday was planned by me two more months ago, however. Read more →

Andrei N. Vasiliev | January 2003

Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania

. The hills of the European part of Turkey swept behind the window of the train, we were approaching Istanbul, the spiers of mosques and the tower of the city televisant were already visible on the horizon. Hot wind broke into an open window. I sat on the couch in proud loneliness and nervously looked the knuckles of my fingers on the table, the point and the case of Turkey’s card and trying to determine when, finally, we will arrive at the famous Istanbul Sirkechi station, where the Eastern Express connecting Istanbul has arrived in the famous Istanbul European capitals. Read more →

Cities of Turkey orthasisar

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