Turkey city: Kyyikyuy

Idyllic town Kyyikyui (Kiyikoy) Perched on a rocky beast over the shore of the Bay of Movie (Black Sea) 71 km east of Kyrklareli.

  • Destroyed plot of citadel
  • Rocky shore
  • Cities of Turkey Kyyikyuy
  • City Beach
  • Monastery of St. Nicholas

This fortress city, located on the peninsula between the mouths of the Pado and Kazan rivers, was founded by the Byzantines in approximately the VI century, although most of the buildings preserved to this days are dating XIII-XVI centuries. The Greeks, who inhabited this town until the 1920s, were now changed by Bulgarians and Gypsies, but it is still often called on the old manner – Multi, in honor of the mussels that he is famous.


Main passage to surrounded wall Citadel Kyyikyui leads through the narrow southern gate, not very successfully restored by brick and cement. Western gates open up to the fact that once there was an agoro city, and now only a couple of tea gardens and an excellent species platform. From the Western Gate Road leads down to the impressive Monastery of St. Nicholas, whose colonnades and halls are partially embedded directly into the slope. On the northeast outskirts of the town you can see a brick tunnel, once built to ensure safe exit from the fortress during the siege to the only deepwater harbor in this part of the coast.


The west of the city begins an excellent two-kilometer sandy beach framed by low limestone rocks.

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