Turkey City: Kyrklareli

The official capital of Frakia is the town of Kyrklareli (Kirklareli, 62 km north-east of Edirne).

  • Old Most
  • Panorama of the city
  • Pedestrianized street
  • Cities of Turkey Kyrklarelie
  • Station building


The city is infrequently visited by tourists. However, it is quite possible to look here for 2-3 hours to see five beautiful Ottoman mosques, among which especially stand out Hisyrbee Kamya (XIV B.) on the central square as well City Museum (open from Thursday to Sunday with 9.00 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 17.00; Entrance – 2 Try) with excellent historical and archaeological collection.

Since the city has a large Gypsy community, one more attraction can be considered a popular and very colorful three-day Spring holiday TakavaFestival, usually passing into the first weekend after May 6.

Around the city

There are many archaeological sites around the cyrklarel, the most easily accessible of which is the huge burial of the early Iron Age – located in the village Capacles (8 km north).

36 km to the southeast lies the town Luleboburg (LuleBurgaz) with his impressive complex Sokolu-Mehmet-Pasha-Kulleesa (1549-1569.) with a beautiful mosque, madrasa, indoor bazair, caravan-shed and two towers.

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