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30 km north of Olympos and 42 km south-west of Antalya is the most southern major tourist center for Anatolian coast – city Kemer (KEMER). The resort is located south-west of Antalya, on the coastal strip between the sea and the mountains. Mountains protect from winds, and the sea guarantees high humidity and softens the climate.

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In antiquity there was a town of IDRIOS, destroyed by the village of approximately in the III century. NS., Then the Turks were founded by the village of Escake – but she also fell under the shock of landslides, and then it was decided to upset the city of a stone wall, which was built from 1910 to 1917. As a result, this unusual fortress, intended for protection not from enemies, but from the forces of nature, stretched almost 23 km, giving the town a new name ("Kemer" Turkish means "belt", and cities with this name in the country a whole dozen). However, local guides tend to name the city from the distorted Greek word chimer, however, this famous mountain is too far from Kemer, so that it was true.

  • In the port of Keemer


Nowadays, this one of the most popular resort areas of Antalya coast, famous, first of all, with its climate – here is always 2-3 degrees cooler than in Antalya, and at least no less. Kemer boasts wonderful nature: mountains, coniferous forests and picturesque, but stony beaches. The resort area stretches along the coast of two gential bays, framing Cape AB, and immediately have several independent villages at once – Beldibi, Goeinyuk, Kirish, CHAMYUVA, Temovo And, of course, the city itself Kemer.

Cities of Turkey Kemer

Here you can find everything you need to relax by the sea, starting with the most modern infrastructure and almost 30 kilometers of beaches, numerous hotels and sports centers, markets and shopping complexes, clubs and restaurants and ending with several amusement parks, as well as the Ethnographic Open-air Museum of Juruk and Many caves.

Bathing season continues from May to October.


Just 3 km north of Tekirov and 16 km south of Kemer lie Ruins Facelisa – One of the oldest cities of Anatolian coast. Archaeological zone (open daily: in summer – from 8.00 to 19.00; In winter – from 8.00 to 17.30, entrance – 10 TRY, plus 3 try for the car) Catching three small bays and lying between them the Peninsula on which this city was located.

According to legend, Faisis was founded in 690 before. NS. Colonists from Rhodes who bought the land from local residents for a few knitting dried fish – the long century later this act of sale was synonymous. Like most cities of Malaya Asia, Falesis was captured by the Persians in the VI century to N. NS., released in the 4th century and remained independent to the campaigns of Alexander Macedonsky, the troops of which citizens did not have the slightest resistance. In the second century BC. NS. The city becomes part of the Lycian Federation, but, as well as in the case of Olympos, Lycian pirates for the period of their brief ownership of Faselis practically destroyed the city. However, during the Romans, this is a major shopping center, who accepted the emperor Adrian in 129 of our era, as they would say now – "on the highest level" (Especially for this event was rebuilt the statues, forum and Arch Adriana). Since then, the city suffered several takeoffs, but after the raids of Arabs (VII in. N. NS.) zakhirel noticeably, and the attack of Seljukov (1158 g.) and earthquakes practically devastated the once rich port. And by the beginning of the 20th century, he turned into a small village, whose historical monuments of excavations hardly on a quarter.

Here you can see several sections of ancient fortress walls, an elegant fragment of the Roman aqueduct (it is assumed that he can be one of the longest in the ancient world – his length could reach 17 km), the main street from the Northern Harbor to South (it is along it and is the majority of the preserved structures ), Agora and Acropolis of Roman times, a small theater (IV in. to N. NS. – II B. N. NS.), urban terms, two necropolis, the ruins of the temples of Athens and Hermes, the monumental arch of the gate of Adrian (129-131. N. NS.) in the southern harbor, the ruins of a small basilica of the Byzantine period, as well as many other ruins, which are still not identified.


Hotels in Kemer for every taste – from excellent 5 * and HV-1 (Holiday Village) to small 2 * and guest houses – abode of free youth. In the town itself, many cafes and restaurants, where during the day you can eat "hastily", In the evening, enjoy live music and dream under the sound of the surf.

Small but, nevertheless, saturated with rides aquapark, located almost in the center of Kemer, will not allow to be bored or adult or the smallest tourists.

Discos are in all the places surrounding Kemer, the most popular, perhaps Aura and Aura-2, located at 10 minutes from the town, next to Kirish. However, two more or three are open annually, so it is not necessary to bored.

In Chamwwe, in small taverns, you can try delicious mutton dishes, and in respectable hotels in Tekirov – excellent sea delicacies.

Beldie, perhaps the most democratic in price category. Many hotels category 3 * boast excellent service, which allows you to spend an unforgettable economy-class vacation.

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