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North of Sarykamysha Landscape seemed to be replaced – beautiful low mountains, crouched by the forest, are replaced by the alpine steppe surrounding harsh volcanic highlands. It is here that the historical features of this land are beginning to be pronounced – numerous Armenian churches, the ancient fortresses, are now almost hidden under the soil layer, characteristic Christian and Assyrian cemeteries. But the business card of the region is undoubtedly ancient Kars (Kars).

Lying in the intergranty basin on the shores of the river of the same name, Kars can be deservedly considered one of the most attractive and unusual cities of Turkey. Based approximately in the VIII century BC. NS. Armenians under the name Kari, in the X-XI centuries, he becomes the center of the Armenian Karsian kingdom and the capital of Bagratides, at the end of the XI century falls under the power of Byzantium, and later – Mongols and Seljuk. At the end of the XII century, it is part of the Georgian kingdom, but already in the XVI century is captured by Ottomans and in the long century turns into a center of fierce fighting of numerous our-Turkish wars. The strategic position of Kars is exclusively – on the one hand, he protects the only intergranium passage to Erzurum and Central Anatolia, on the other – opens access to the Transcaucasus. Therefore, only the number of sides of the city turns over three dozen, and they took his storm for at least ten times. As a result, in 1878, after the next, this time the eight-month war, Kars, together with the surrounding regions, departs to the our Empire and remains a our outpost until 1921, when Turkey returned to him on the Karsian contract. It is for these half a century that the city belonged to the empire, he acquired his characteristic appearance, so brightly distinguishing it from other Turkish cities.


The business card of the city is not the famous citadel of the X century, and not an axampy of old churches of all eras and peoples, but its residential and administrative neighborhoods, as if copied with the appearance of our and Armenian cities of the late XIX century. Old kars is so similar to Yerevan that they are often called twin cities – the same two and three-storey buildings in the style of our classicism, the same cobblestone bridge and pointed roofs, characteristic eaves and barkons with forged lattices, even the city municipality looks more like what -To provincial our museum than a Turkish administrative building. The remaining historical structures were clearly subjected to restructuring in accordance with Islamic traditions, but did not lose their former charm.

  • Citadel Karsa
  • Church of the Holy Apostles
  • House in Kars
  • Cities of Turkey Kars
  • Fethiye Mosque, Kars

Church of the Holy Apostles, Built between 930 and 937 by the Armenian king Abbas I, I managed to go and mosque and the city museum, and in 1998 it was again turned into a mosque Kumbet Kamya.

Before climbing the famous fort Calea (Citadel Kars, which only our troops took the attack three times) can be seen Tash-Countries ("A stone bridge", Built in the XI century from the same basalt as the nearby church) and several hammams (severely destroyed). The Fortress is a fortress, although much suffered in the course of numerous wars, is now open daily from 9.00 to 19.00 (free entry) and used as a park. Locals visit her to worship the grave of Jelal-Baba (the Muslim Holy Xiv XIV century), the usual tourist here will be somewhat bored, except, of course, the majestic panorama opens from old walls.

  • Building in Kars
  • Street Karsa
  • House in Kars

Another landmark of the city can be called excellent Museum of Karsa (Open daily from 8.30 to 17.30, entrance – 2 TRY) with its extensive ethnographic and archaeological sections, as well as a large meeting of objects of local decorative and applied fishes. On the way to him, do not pass by the mosque Fethiye, rebuilt from the our Orthodox Church of the XIX century.

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