Turkey City: Kalkan

Until the mid-1980s, Kalkan had a reputation of bohemian "Wild place", which is a refuge inhabitants of large Turkish cities, and now turned into a fairly famous resort area with European prices and dozens of villas belonging to mostly foreigners. However, the charming aura of this place disappeared with the growth of tourism, and the town became the usual beach region, which in these edges dozens.

  • Yachts in the harbor
  • Night life
  • Street trading
Cities of Turkey Kalkan


Artificial pebble beach of Komorlyuk lies on the eastern outskirts of the city and in the summer months frankly crowded. Another beach is located 2 km north-west of Calkan, between Gelemich and Akbel. 6 km east of the deep Caanon Cappuash, in the mouth of which lies a small (150 meters long) The sandy-pebble beach, known for its clean water (in the summer there are also a lot of tourists and tourists).

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