TURKIY CITY: Onstenderun

The city of Iskenderun spreading on the shore of the same name, he is often called Iskenderon in our) was founded under the name Alexandria-Na-Isse (Alexandria AD Issum) Alexander Macedonan himself in commemoration of his victory over Persians in the battle during Issé. In the Romans, the city becomes the most important port of the region, and during Osmans – the main port of the halab lying nearby (Modern Aleppo, Syria), from which trading routes ran out throughout Persia and the Arabian Peninsula. In the XIX century, the city was renamed Alexandretta, and after entry into Turkey, he received his modern name (essentially the same Alexandria, only in Turkish transcription).

Now Iskenderun is a powerful industrial, military and commercial center of the country, a little known to foreigners.

  • View of the embankment
  • City Government Building
  • Yachts have a pier
  • Cities of Turkey Iskenderun
  • Coastal restaurant in bad weather


Although the city retained a few historical monuments, it is worth seeing numerous European-type mansions right behind the old port, the tiny Armenian Church of Surp-Karasun (1872 g.), Greek churches of St. Nicholas (1876.) and St. George, as well as the Catholic Cathedral of St. Mary (XIX in.) Behind the city tourist office.

Around the city

13 km south-east of Iskenderunu lies the town Belen (Belen), since anciently controlled the eponymous pass, with the Romans called Saw Syria ("Gate of Syria").

In early October, millions of birds from all over Asia migrate through these edges, so this period comes here for hundreds of photographers and ornithologists.

In 9 km southeast, the impressive medieval castle of Bucos, laid by the Arabs, and then repeatedly rebuilt with crusaders.

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