The capital of the Helibu Peninsula lies 35 km north of the places of the main battles, in the very place where Dardanelles narrow to 4.5 km.

The city itself was founded by the Greeks in the V century BC. NS. as an outpost, preventing Persians crossing through the strait. He was the headquarters of the Anglo-French troops during the Crimean War, and now, for the most part, only the port and Turkish military base serves.


The city center is still old Rybatskaya Harbor and adjacent area surrounded by cafe and restaurants. Two bays how to share Stone tower – The only surviving fragment of the fortifications of Byzantine Calipolis. In the tower itself is now placed Museum of Peer-flight (open from Thursday to Sunday with 9.30 to 17.30, free entry), dedicated to the legendary Turkish cartographer of the fifteenth century (it is considered the first researcher to drive all America to the card), there is a small archaeological collection here.

  • Open-air Mosque Azebler Namazgah

Other historical monuments include old mosque in the market and well preserved Cemetery of the Ottoman period northeast of the city.

Around the city

Tiny village Kilitbahir (45 km south of Helibolu) is known for its massive and completely untouched by the castle (open from Wednesday to Sunday from 8.30 to 12.00 and from 13.30 to 18.30, entrance – 2 TRY), once controlled the most narrow (1300 m) Place Dardanell.

Cities of Turkey Helibolu
  • Pamok Kilitbahir
  • Military fortifications of Kilitbahir

Reviews and studies of trips

Trip to Turkey a month Ramadan

The route was developed for a long time, the information was going to carefully, but I will say right away – it’s not necessary to find information. Some travelers who were before us were too superficially told about how to get to one or another object, or simply lowered this information – such as guess himself, how to get there. Therefore, if possible, we will try to correct what others were silent, and briefly talk about our journey. Read more →

Yuri | October 2006

Turkey: Great Opening of Ancient Civilizations

My story is for those who want to go to the excursion tour in Turkey, and seriously risks, as I understood from some reviews on the Internet, not to see and half of an interesting exclusively due to the lack of a good guide. Read more →

Katerina | January 2006

Journey in Turkey by car

Flew from Moscow with a delay of 1 hour. Why the flight was detained unknown, there were no visible reasons. Flew on Tu-154. At the beginning of the flight, Stewardles announced that the crew commander of rabbits wishes a pleasant flight. Everything would be nothing, only space for dwarfs. Otherwise – 100 dollars quite pull. Flight 2 hours 35 min. Ataturk Airport – huge sizes. Come from the intestine to the place of purchase of brands (visas) minutes 10-12. Gras of $ 20, but a cartoon for 2 months. Then getting a car in Sixte. Everything was wonderful here, it turned out that I was striking for 42 at their standard price 45.50 per day with a rental period from 7 days. After 20 minutes already sat in the car. Read more →

Cities of Turkey Helibolu

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