Turkey City: Hattus

145 km east of the capital, 24 km south of the town of Sungurlu, lies a small village of Nomarity – "the keeper" Ruins an ancient hatt capital Hattus (XXV-XIII centuries. to N. NS.) included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • Lion gate
  • Cities of Turkey Hattus
  • Fortress Yeniccale
  • Ruins of an ancient city
  • Bas-relief

Here, the remains of the fortifications of the once huge fortress are preserved (Buyuk Calea, XIV-XIII centuries. to N. NS.), the so-called big temple (Buyuk-Mabet – The largest and best of all the preserved Hittite Temple of the Planet, the XIV-XIII centuries. to N. NS.), the remains of the ceremonial gate, destroyed fortress Yenikkale, Famous Aslanques ("Lion gate" – Business card of all modern Anatolia), Gate Yerkapi (Snakes, or sphinx gates) with a 70-meter tunnel leading outside urban walls, numerous ruins of palaces and economic structures. The total area of ​​the ancient city exceeds 70 kV. km, and excavation is hardly one third. But no less architectural monuments are interesting to numerous clinp bas-reliefs scattered throughout the city – they allowed us to decipher a part of the history of this mysterious people, literally revealed anywhere and also without a trace disappeared in the centuries.

The best findings from the excavations are demonstrated in the metropolitan Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and in the Archaeological Museum of Choruma (Capital of the Province), you can also visit your own small museum (open daily from 8.00 to 17.00, input 2 try).

25 km north of the born lies the town Aladja, Near which excavations are conducted even more ancient hatt city, which received a conditional name Aladzhaukyuk ALACAHOYUK).

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