Turkey City: Giresun

Himself, the Hiresone cannot boast an abundance of attractions – only the old fort, a museum in the building of the old Armenian church, and the Aksa River, which forms a few cascades in the city. But the south of the city stretches the green mountain ranges and platea, deservedly considered among the most beautiful areas of the country.

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Around the city

41 km east of Giresun, at the mouth of another large river – harshit, lies the city Torrole (Tirebolu). Until 1923, it was a large and fairly attractive Greek city of Tripoli, and today it is unique in its preservation. On the Eastern Cape Kurgzhyyykale, a practically not damaged castle of the John, built by the Genoese in the XIV century, is preserved, and one of the best beaches of the city begins easter than the city – Sandy Beled, coming to Hulcavala on the other side of the river.

Next to Trabzon himself stretches a series of numerous castles of the XIII-XIV centuries, among which coral fortresses near Eynesiel (Eynesil), Cape Fortress Fener (FENER BURNU), Byzantine castle in Aksakale (Akcakale), but the best of all the preserved hip citadel is hiding above the course of Harshit, 15 km from the coast. And the west of the city is a narrow strip of good coast stretches for 12 km at ESPI (Espiye).

Cities of Turkey Giresun

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