Turkey City: Gaziantep

The Gate of the Valley of the Euphrates and the Quick-Defective Modern City, Gaziantep (Gaziantep) lies with the western foot of the Ural Plateau.


It is unlikely that it is unlikely to find some other monuments of antiquities, except for the colorful buildings of old Christian and Jewish quarters, the Byzantine Fortress and the excellent assembly of the ancient Mosaik and the frescoes from the flooded reservoir of the city in the local Archaeological Museum (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 17.00, input – 2 TRY).

  • Fortress in Gaziantepe
  • Terms in the Byzantine Fortress
  • Place for recreation, Gaziantep

You can also see Ethnographical museum (Open daily from 8.00 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 17.00, entrance – 2 try), monumental mosque Kurtulus (built in 1892 as an Armenian cathedral) and a beautiful mosque Alaud Devla On the north side of the Eski Saray Square, the exhibition hall in the former Catholic Churches Kendirla And lying nearby Memorial Martyrs Honor of Turk, defending the city in 1920-1921 from the French troops.

    Cities of Turkey Gaziantep
  • Archaeological Museum, Gaziantep
  • Beautiful minaret in Gaziantepe
  • Mosque, Gaziantep

Around the city

Approximately 30 km from the Gaziantep, among the pistachio and olive groves, lie the ruins of the ancient Hittite city Karkamamam, Many unique finds stored now in the British Museum and the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. Just 9 km further on the highway lies the archaeological zone Seleucia (Zeugma) – one of the most important shopping centers of antiquity. Burerizik reservoir is now hiding most of the rich villas and other buildings, but the remaining part of the city has been turned into an open museum.

  • Stone statues, Nemmut-Dag
  • Bas-reliefs on Nemmit-Dag

However, the main point of attraction in the area is the famous Minut-Dag mountain range (2150 m) at 75 km north of Gaziantep. At the top of the mountain is the tomb of Antioch I Epiphana (I in. to N. NS.), surrounded by a whole city from fragments of stone walls, bas-reliefs and huge stone statues made with striking skill (in 1987, the Archaeological Complex Nemrut-Dag was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List). And the ancient monuments are not limited to the grave of Antioch – several Roman bridges of the I-II centuries can be found around the mountain. NS., Tens of temples of different eras and degree of safety.

  • Fragment of walls on Nemmit-Dag
  • Hercules and Mitridat, Arsame

Adjustable also the estimated burial of Antioch’s wife in Karakusha, Mamelyukskaya Fortress Yeni in Eski-kahta, The ruins of the ancient city Arsamey and many other ancient settlements.

Reviews and studies of trips

Gaziantep, Turkey

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Cities of Turkey Gaziantep

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