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Charming old village ASSOS (ASSOS), where the construction of new buildings has long been prohibited, and the old can only be recovered using the characteristic local stone, lies around the same ancient Greek city. Ancient Assos sits on the top of a steep rocky hill and runs down terraces down towards the sea. The modern village consists of two parts – Behramkale villages (Behramkale), which stretches around the top of the hill, and a tiny settlement from old warehouses and fishing houses grouped around the harbor below. But nevertheless, it is customary to call all this terrain of its ancient name.

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According to some sources, the ASSOS was founded by the hitts in the XIII century BC. NS., And in the VIII century, the Greek colonists from the neighboring lesbos founded their colony here later, while building a huge temple of Athens (540 g. to N. NS.). Manuma, grandson and Pupil Plato, tried to apply his theory about the perfect city in practice here, deploying extensive construction and primarily erecting gymnasiums at the temple of Athens. From 347 to 344 BC. NS. Aristotle lived and worked here, here he married the daughter of Hermia and founded the philosophical school. In the Middle Ages, Ottomans plundered the city, and the locals took away the majestic monuments on the stones to build their homes, and only 1880 an ancient city was discovered by American Francis Bacon. Now you can see the Acropolis, lying on the top of the cliff, at an altitude of 238 meters above sea level, the ruins of the temple of Athens (VI in. to N. NS.), partially restored theater, old cemetery, part of the old urban wall and chaos of ancient stones, which are no longer possible to fold.

4 km east of Assos is a beautiful pebble beach of Kadyrga, on which the modern resort complex Eden Gardens and several good seaside hotels are recently opened.

From Behramkale, the road turns to the east, the rich resort Bay Edremit (edremit). Here you can see the little fishing port surrounded by small beaches Kucheuk-Kui (Kucukkuyu), good spa towns Aquestion (Akcay), Oren (Oren), Ayvalyk (Ayvalik) with nearby Sarimsakli and Alibay’s resort (Alibey), flat as the table Cape Shan Sofras ("Table devil") from which the picturesque panorama of the bay opens, Dikili (Dikili) and Chandarla (Candarli) with their excellent sandy beaches, as well as town Focal (Foca, Hellenic Fawge) with his Genoese Fortress and a small antique theater. But the main monument of the region is undoubtedly the ancient Pergami.

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Cities of Turkey Assos

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