Turkey City: Amasra

One of the most picturesque towns of the northern coast, Amasra (AMASRA) saddles a rocky cape, protecting two bays at once.

This is one of the oldest cities in the region, under the name of CESAM (CESAMUS) mentioned in "Oriade" Homer and an expanded mite in the 6th century BC. NS. In the third century BC. NS. The city is renamed in honor of the Queen Amastra – Daughters of Oxiafra (Brother Daria) and Spousers Crater – one of the nearest friends of Alexander Macedon. Then the long century he flourished as an important shopping port, Polyniya junior himself worked here a special representative of the Roman Senate. But in the 9th century n. NS., After a number of Arabs raids, the city began to quickly wake, although the Byzantines, and then the Genuses kept garrisons here before the arrival of the Turks in 1460.

  • Amasra. View from the island
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The modern city consists of two parts – new quarters along the coastline and Old Town, occupying Cape and Island Boztepe. At the same time, both of its parts are replete with the remnants of the ancient fortifications remaining from two fortresses. One of the forts can still be considered among the new quarters, above the bay of the Bublian and Amasra Oteli. Old cobbled streets and Byzantine gates are preserved here. Another castle dominates over Cuccliman Bay and Bridge on Boztepe Island. And the powerful walls of the island fort and a few gates hide the inner citadel with the towers and two Byzantine churches among the labyrinth of the alleys (the big church was rebuilt into the mosque, while the very destroyed small was used in direct appointment until 1923).

The city also boasts good Museum (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 17.30, Login – 2 TRY), located at the Kucheliman Embankment. It contains a good collection of archaeological finds, mainly the Roman period, including several real Roman busts, as well as the assembly of objects of local decorative and applied industries. Nearby lies a small urban beach, but the coast on the east side of the carbon is noticeably contaminated by the ports of the port. Therefore, for swimming, it is better to choose good shores east of the city, between Chacras and Diclictishse.

Around the city

Southwest of Amasra Highway №010 turns deep into the mainland and through the green valley of the Kara-tea goes to the large city Bartyne (Bartin) with its numerous wooden buildings of the Ottoman period (most of them clearly need restorations). If you drive a west and pass the center of the main coal region of Turkey – the city Zonguldak, You can go to more attractive shores in the area of ​​a great resort town Akchakodja (Akcakoca), sandy beaches Kojali (Kocaali) and dunes Karasu (Karasu). These shores are literally framed by dunny sites of all the masters and somewhat resemble the desert, but two more resorts – Agva (AGVA) and Shile (Sile, only 42 km from Istanbul) – provide many opportunities to accommodate.

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