Turkey City: Adana

40 km to the east of Tarsus, quite chaotic quarters of Adana (Adana) – the fourth in the size of the city of Turkey, an important transport, industrial and shopping center.

It is believed that the city was founded by Hettites in approximately the XIV century BC. NS. Like one of the supporting points guarding at the same time passes through the brand in the north, gold mines and a rich agricultural area of ​​the lower houses of modern rivers Tarsus, Seykhan and Ceyhan in the south. Then the city repeatedly got into the hands of Persians, then the Greeks, then the Romans, who were replaced by Selzhuki and the Byzantines, and in the XVI century he entered the composition of the Ottoman Empire (however, even after joining the empire, they managed to hire the Egyptians and the French).


Now the city is divided by the E5 highway to the modern north with its cinemas, alleys and wide streets and a more traditional noisy south with markets, mosques and hotels of the Old Town.

The best starting point for acquaintance with Adana is considered excellent Archaeological Museum (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 16.30, entrance – 2 try) on the north side of the E5 highway. Next door rises a mosque Sabanjä Merkez (designed for 28,500 believers, third place in the world!) with the highest dome in Turkey. Just 100 meters in the south-east is the most essential ancient monument of the city – 16-arched Roman bridge Tash-Kopry (II B. N. NS.), still performing its role.

  • Mosque Sabanja Merekez
  • Mosque Ulu
  • Bridge Tash-Kopury

Not far from the bridge, almost in the city center, the mosque rises Ulu, Or a great mosque, built in a Syrian style from white-black marble in 1507 as a tomb of Khalil-Bay – Emir of the Turkic-speaking tribe Ramazanoglu. And even south clearly visible the hour tower Buyuk-Sat-koulese, marking edge. Nearby are preserved vintage Turkish baths Charshi Hamam (XVI B.) built on the orders of the son of Khalil Bay.

West, towards indispensable Statue Ataturk, There is a mosque Yag, Built in 1502 on the site of the Byzantine or Armenian church. North, at INONU CADDESI, is not bad Ethnographical museum (open from Thursday to Sunday from 8.30 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 16.30, entrance – 3 TRY), which occupies a complex, the former church originally, and then mosque.

Approximately 5 km north of Adana spread a huge artificial lake Seichan, The favorite place of rest of the locals (swim in the southern part is not recommended due to strong currents), with a small bird nature reserve in the western part.

Around the city

East Adana Lies Town Mrs, or Yakpynaar (Yakapinar, Misis), which is known for a small museum Mosaik (open from Thursday to Sunday from 9.00 to 17.00, entrance – 2 TRY) and the ancient Armenian castle of Yylan-Keslayi on top of the mountain (3 km south on the main road).

Cities of Turkey Adana
  • Museum Mosaik, Mrs
  • View of Yylan-Keslayi
  • Castle Yylan-Keslei
  • Toprak Calea

Easy to detect Jeyhan (Ceyhan) with its colorful old buildings in the city center.

The so-called black castle, or Toprak Calea (IV-IX centuries. N. NS.) is located above the modern development of the road on Gaziantep and Antak.

North of Osmaniye (Osmaniye) is located National Park Karate Arslandash With its beautiful stone bas-reliefs of the hatt period and the ruins of the ancient city of Jerapolis Castabala.

  • Karate Arslandash
  • Antique God, Karate Arsland
  • Basiere, Karate Arsland
  • Hierapolis Castabala

Ancient IS (place of the second victory by Alexander Macedonsky in Asia, 333 g. to N. NS.) – 10 km north of the modern city of Dertyol (Dortyol), and the complex Socully Mehmet (Genoese fortress, caravan-shed, baths, innovation courtyard, madrasa and XVI century mosque with a huge olive, as old as the mosque) south of him. However, it is already the land of the Hatay region.

Tourist office Adana

Adana’s tourist office is located at Ataturk CAD 13, near the crossing of the district road with the E5 highway. Open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 17.00, phone: (0322) 359-19-94.

Reviews and studies of trips

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Cities of Turkey Adana

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