City of Tunisia: Port El Cantaui

5 km north of Susta is the world famous spa zone of Port El Cantaui – a luxurious and fairly modern tour accurate with a full set of institutions for entertainment and recreation. In fact, this is a completely autonomous resort with a full set of institutions for entertainment and recreation, although formally port-el-Cantausi is considered one of the areas of the Sus Resort.

It is associated with a sussa convenient transportation system in which "Tourist trains" (the fare of 2-3 TND, depending on the distance), taxi (2.5-3 TND, depending on the time of day) and the new type of transport for Tunisia – "knock Knock" (Scooter with a small indoor passenger interior on 6 seats (2-4 TND depending on distance).

In the city there is an artificial bay Marina (300 yachts and marine boats can be taken at the same time), Botanical Garden "Oasis Park El Kantaoui" With a huge collection of rare plants, water park, numerous shopping centers, casino "Miram Galf", Disco "Samara" and "Moroccan" and Ice cream house.

Popular Arab cafes for tourists where you can smoke a hookah and drink local drinks, located in the tourist zone of Port El Cantaui. The most popular beer bar with its own brewery – Brau in Port El Cantaui.

Cities of Tunisia Port El Cantaui

The resort is one of the largest in Tunisia Golf clubs, as well as a diving center and yacht club.

Nearby lies a charming coastal village Ergla With a majestic mosque Sidi-Bu-Mendil.

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