UAE Cities: El Ain

Al-Ain is located 160 km east of Abu Dhabi, almost on the border with Oman. This is the main city of the largest and fertile oasis known as Buraight.

Several old forts are preserved here – Al-Jahi (1898., Now there is a rich Al-Aina Museum), East (1910 g.), Murayjib (1830 g.), Mazyate (XIX in.) and etc. In the north of the oasis lies the area Healy, where hot springs are located and the main historical landmark of the country – the so-called "Large tomb heil", Whose age is estimated at 3-4 thousand. years.

Near the tomb, a Public Park of Healy with a real ice rink and a fan city entertainment park, and a few north – Ain-Fayad Park, Zoo and Al Aina Aquarium.

Nearby is the highest point of the country – Mount Jabel Hafit, from the top of which the majestic panorama of the surroundings opens.

Cities of the UAE EL-Ain

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