Cities of Dominican Republic: Puerto Plata

The main city of the North Coast of Dominican Republic – Puerto Plata ("Silver port") based on Bartolomeo Columbus in 1496. under the name of San Felipe de Puerto Plata.

Here you should visit the ruins of the house Columbus and the Church, where the first in America Mass, Fort Cany Felipe (1540 g.) with a small military museum, Cany Felipe church, a funicular on top of the mountain La Loma Isabel de Torres, Museum of Indian Taino, Mysey YantaPa, Museum, Less Chemicalson, Fortaleza Lighthouse, Broughal Lighthouse, Primorsky Malebon Boulevard, Fire Station Building With two towers and many houses in colonial style.

There are no good beaches in the city, but literally 200 meters from the outskirts of Long Beach begins, and the beaches of the coofer, the fashionable resort Kontambap, Loupheron (one of the best hotels on the north coast), Esenada Bays are stretching , Kayo-Arena Islands, Pio-Caña and Cabrite, Playa Dorada Beaches, Playa Chikita, Puerto Chikito, Los Charamikos and El Batei, as well as luxurious beaches in Gree Gree and Kabaret (one of the major world windsurfing centers).

Playa Dorada – Independent, tastefully designed resort complex of 13 hotels, each of which has its own club on the Atlantic Ocean. Here guests – Golf Course, Restaurants, Equestrian Club. From Puerto Plata Airport to hotels located on Playa Dorada – just 15 minutes by bus ride.

Cities of the Dominican Republic Puerto Plata

Cabarete is 15 km to the east and very popular among windsurfers. This place is especially crowded in February and March, when the strongest winds blow. In Kabaret, mostly resting young people, as everything they need, here there are: water sports, excellent cuisine and, of course, opportunities for new acquaintances.

Sosua – A small town built in a calm bay with a large selection of shops, bars and a variety of entertainment. From Puerto Plata Airport to Sosua and Kabarete – 20-30 minutes drive.

Excursions: Sightseeing tour, Ride in Santo Domingo, "Dominican Alps", yacht-tour, "Jeep Safari", Deepwater fishing, Kayo-Paraiso Island, Rafting, "Meeting with whales" (This excursion is held from January 15 to March 15).

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