Cities of Dominican Republic: Santiago

Santiago (Santiago de Los Caballeros) – the second largest city in the Dominican Republic (after Santo Domingo) and, perhaps, the most "Dominican" City of Dominican Republic. There are practically no tourists here, and it is in Santiago that a real life of the country away from the resort area can be seen.

The city was founded in 1495, shortly after the opening of the Columbus of America, and played a significant role in the history of the country. Santiago was the most important strategic point during the war of independence. For many, this sunny and a peaceful country with beautiful beaches are not at all associated with the fact that its inhabitants of more than 150 years led continuous wars and the world reigned only in the late 60s of the 20th century. Initially, Dominicans fought against the Spanish colonialists, then the Haitians were attacked on them, then the island tried to capture the United States, then a whole series of military coups and a bloody civil war was followed. In 1965, the United States, fearing the capture of the authorities by Prokububsky Communists, landed the landing in Dominican, but they were soon forced to leave the island. Already in the 90s, the situation on the border from Haiti is exacerbated: controversial territories, partisans and others "joy".

Attractions Santiago

In this city, which is considered the cradle of music Mepenga, it is worth a visit Cathedral Santiago (1868-1895) in Park Duarte, Folk MYZEY TOOOAC MOPEY, Museum of Santiago In the building of the Old Town Hall, Tobacco Museum On the southern outskirts of Park Duarte, Peacemaker Geospions-Republicans (1940), which offers an excellent view of the entire city, as well as famous Tobacco factories Jean Clemana, Leon Jimenez and Companies "Tobacco".

How to get to Santiago

Regular buses connect Santiago almost with all parts of the country, and in addition, a bus in Cap-Ayugen (Haiti) is sent daily at 11 am from the bus station, which may be interested in extreme travelers. The fare is about 50 dollars, while on the way, taking into account the passage of the border – at least five hours.

Cities of the Dominican Republic of Santiago

Sibao International Airport is 20 kilometers to the west of the city, and regular flights are performed on dozens of areas in the Caribbean and USA.

Reviews and studies of trips

Dominican vacation

We also went with an excursion to the Saman Peninsula. The excursion is heavy, go far, but the places are amazing. The Peninsula is the Los Haitis National Park with one of the largest stalactite caves in the world, the Bank-de-La Maritime reserve, where from mid-January to mid-March, many humpback whales are gathering, as well as the magnificent waterfalls of El Limoon and La Fuente del Amirant. By the way, it was here that the shooting took place "Last Hero". Read more →

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