Czech Cities: Roznov-Under-Radgichem

At 45 km south of Ostrava lies the old resort town of Roznov Pod Radhostem, in which the largest and most popular Czech Museum of People’s Architecture.

In these places, the Valley of Rognovsk-Bechva’s river cuts through an array of Beskid, collecting water from numerous pure tributaries. And among these picturesque landscapes is located Valash Open Sky Museum (Valasske Muzeum v Prirode, www.vmp.CZ), which presents village houses and farm buildings of the XVIII-XX centuries. The complex consists of three parts (each has its own work schedule) – the wooden city (Drevene Mestecko) is erected in the image and likeness of the People’s Museum in Stockholm and collected many excellent chopped buildings from surrounding villages. Valasska village (Valasska Dedina) simulates a typical mountain settlement of shepherds with all relevant infrastructure, from farms and schools to the marvelous and forge, and Melnska Dolina will present an old flouroline, aquatic fur with a smokely and sawmill – as authentic and old, like everything else in this meeting.

Cities of the Czech Republic Roznov-Under-Radgichem

Lifting to the top Mountains Radgast (Raddhartya, 1128 m, about 4.5 km northeast of the town on the road through the Vesudvni-on-Radgoshti village) opens the beautiful panoramas of the Moravian-Silesian Beskid and about 40 km of good pedestrian trail of varying degrees of complexity and length. The sculpture of the legendary pagan god of Radgasta (Radhost in Czech, 1929, is tested here.), whose name is local beer, is widely known far beyond the Czech Republic. Also these mountains are replete with numerous karst caves in which you can go down through the grottoes "Juri" – Local shepherds have used them as a refrigerator. And on the next top rises wooden Chapel of Saints Kirill and Methodius.

Cities of the Czech Republic Roznov-Under-Radgichem

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