Cities of Thailand: Mehongson

Not far from Chiang Maja is the mysterious city of Mehongson with the temple of Wat Chong Kham with an old wall painting – one of the most ancient buildings of the country. Also interesting Temple Wat Prathata Don Kong Mu, who keeps the sacred power of the Buddha Temple Wat Kitty Wong, as well as Monastery Wat Chong Klang. In the market of Mehongson, you can find interesting folk souvenirs from Laos, Burma or the works of the unique northern tribes of Thailand.

Cities of Thailand Mehongson

The Mehongson district itself, lying between Chiangmay and Chiangra, is unique in its own natural parks, beautiful waterfalls and hundreds of caves, and the surrounding mountains are rich in hot springs and healing mud. In the Forest Park, the Six-step waterfall is located, in the Tham Pope Park – unique "Fish cave", Where billions of multi-colored fish live in the cave colors, and in a small grotto – a huge amount of diverse on coloring and scenes. National Park Tok Ma Surin is famous for the Stater Waterfall ME Surin, as well as the cave a lot with fantastic "Sadom" from stalactites and stalagmites. On the road from Mehongson to Chiang Mai is a unique "Farm Orchids", as well as famous "Elephant village", where they are bred and train these majestic animals for both various economic work and for passing tourists with incredible tricks.

Cities of Thailand Mehongson

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