Cities of Thailand: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai (700 km north of Bangkok) – the second largest and meaning of the city of Thailand.

Located in the valley between the mountains reaching the height of 2600 m., "Old city" Chiang Mai (founded in 1296.) Surrounded by a powerful fortress wall and defensive moat. In the city and its surroundings about 300 temples and historical monuments, which gives him a special charm.

Such structures like Daw Suter Srin, Wat Pra Singh, Wat Chiang Man (1296 g., the oldest monastery in the region), the right-handed man with his miniature pictures of the Buddha, which is about 2 thousand. Years, Wat Chedion Luang, as well as one of the shrines of Buddhism – standing on the top of the mountain 16 km north-west of Chiang Mai wonderful temple of Wat Pra Doi Sutkhep (XIII-XIV centuries.), and the Summer Residence of the Royal Family – Palace of Phaluping, brought the city world famous.

Reviews and studies of trips

From Chiang May in Auttai by piece

I will give a matchman for what you need to know the newcomer about Thai railway, where you can get there and how to buy tickets. Well, of course, I will tell about my own impressions. Read more →

ULL YEEN | Summer 2014

Cities of Thailand Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The city with a huge cultural and historical heritage that was the capital of the ancient kingdoms. Someone comes here to shake on the people and the culture of the ancient days and days of today. Read more →

Borawind | Spring 2015

Chiang Mai. Flight over the jungle and mystery of night markets

After Bangkok rushed to the north, in Chiang May. In this post, I will tell about one of the days spent there: jungle, fears, smiles, as well as the charms of night markets. Read more →

Cities of Thailand Chiang Mai

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