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Bangkok that translated means "Dick plum city", Founded by King Rama I in the XVIII century, is famous for its amazing monuments of architecture and culture. Hundreds of Buddhist temples and islander roofs of palaces, thousands of cars and thousands of ships on the dissection of the city of canals ("Klongs"), Permanent SMRAD from exhaust and street firemen, and small cozy parks in English style – all here is woven together. In Thai, the city is called Kroog Teh ("City of Angels"), but the official name of the capital is much longer and completely unprofitable for "Faraga" ("White Alien") how tourists are called locals.

  • Territory of the Royal Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha
  • Gold watchman on the background of the Big Royal Palace
  • Temple of the Emerald Buddha
  • Wat Arun
  • The former residence of King Sanphat Prasat (Ayutthai)

Attractions Bangkoka

The historic center of the city is located on Rattanakosin Island ("Higher Jewel"), which is formed by the Piao Praia River and its collace, and adjacent territories. Main landmark here – Big Royal Palace (1783 g.) – the residence of Thai monarchs, with a magnificent park and buildings in the traditional Thai style (Palace Square – 218.4 thousand. kv. M., Wall Length – more than 2 km.). The complex of the Royal Palace also includes many old buildings that form Duzit-Mahapprasate and Mahamontien regions – a library and mausoleum, where the cremated remains of all members of the royal family are stored, Chakri Palaces (1868-1910.) with the throne room, the personal residence of the monarch – Chaakrabardibian, dusit, Boromabiman with famous frescoes, Mahisher-prasad and the Hall of Amarinda, as well as the Pisan Hall (Praanga Paisan Tashshshch), where the coronation of Thai kings is held. Here is the favorite residence of the King Rama V and the largest building in the world built entirely of the golden teak tree – Vantamek (1900 g., Now used as a museum). Next to the royal palace installed giant ritual swings of Muang varnish – two huge teak pillars with a carved crossbar.

  • Complex of the Big Royal Palace
  • On the territory of Wat Ga Keo
  • View of Wat Arun from the river
  • Cities of Thailand Bangkok
  • Temple of the Golden Buddha
  • Statue of the Golden Buddha

The north of the royal residence is located the temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Pri Keo, 1782. ) connected to the royal gate residence. One of the shrines of Buddhism is stored here – the famous statue of the Buddha sitting on the gold altar, turned out entirely from one large piece of Jadeita (the first mention of this statue belongs as much as 1464.!).

There are about 400 magnificent temples in the city, the most famous of which are the Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Trimitir), where there is a statue of Buddha Buddha from pure gold weighing 5.5 tons, a large temple complex WAT software with a giant statue of the lying Buddha – the oldest and largest Temple of Bangkok , Wat bencha magefit (marble temple, XIX-XX centuries.), Wat Arun Temple (Dawn or Rising Sun, is located in the former fortress of Thonburi) with a 79-meter tower, Wat Suthat, Thon Buris Wat and DR.

  • Wat in
  • Wat Suthat
  • Wat Bencha Maborphy (Marble Temple)
  • Wat Suthat

By the oldest in the city of New Street, you can go down to the embankment, from where on the boat-long bustting or "SAMPANE" You can go to a crowded walk on "Blongs" (channels) through the whole city. Bangkok used to be called "Venice of the East", Since 140 crossing its channels and to our days continue to support the rhythm of the city. This is a completely different world – the world of poverty and luxury, trading and fisheries, floating markets and mysterious nightlife.

To the north of the city’s business center – Silom district, there is a Siam-Skue district, which is the shopping center of the capital. Here are the largest supermarkets of the city and minor shops, trading rows and just shops, and the prices of them are very low. On the largest Avenue Bangkok – Sukhumvit, which is considered the center of foreign tourism, there are hundreds of cafes, bars, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as several best shopping centers of the city. Each large hotel has its own nightclub. A wide variety of entertainment facilities are focused on patrong and New Petchaburi-Roads, on which hundreds of salons, bars and restaurants are located. No less known for its nightlife and restaurants Street Rachada.

  • Floating market
  • Slums and fishing vessels on the Piao Praya River
  • BTS train at Asok Station Sukhumvit-Road
  • National Museum

In the city there are several museums, planetarium, art gallery, cultural center. The most popular among the National Theater, the National Museum with a wonderful collection of Thai art and the chapel Budddhaisan (1795 g.), Tamasat University on Sanam-Luang Square, as well as a science museum – one of the best scientific and technical museums in the region. In the house of architect (and spy!) Jim Thompson is now located the museum of silk and the permanent exhibition of antiquities collected by Thompson in Southeast Asia. And urban parks, as if embedded with a skillful hand, silence in the everlasting appearance of the city, will give rest among the tropical greenery tired from the bustle of the traveler. Near the Sunday Market in the northern part of Bangkok there is a charming Park Chatchuak, and Madzhik Land entertainment park attracts carousels, horror room and other entertainment.

The largest park of the capital – Lumpini, is located right in the city’s business center. The new Rama Park IX opened the king himself, and the famous Safari Warld Park is a huge (170 acres) plot on the outskirts of the capital, famous for its wild animal nurseries, excellent Dolphinarium Mairina-Park and a huge water park Siam Park.

You can admire on Bangkok from a height from the observation deck of the 309-meter skyscraper Baiyoke-2

Around Bangkoka

In Samutpraparna (30 km south-east of Bangkok) there is the world’s largest crocodile farm with more than 40 thousand. Freshwater and sea crocodiles, as well as with their own zoo and dinosaurs museum.

30 km south of Bangkok is an extensive floating market Bang-us-Pueng. On weekends from 8.00 to 14.00 Here you can purchase many different products, including seafood, fruits, flowers, local incense and handmade goods. At the same time, the main attractions of the market are traders themselves, deftly cruising between rows on their boats.

33 km from Bangkok is the Muang-Boran Park ("Ancient city") where the whole territory of the kingdom has been reproduced with the most famous historical monuments.

86 km north of Bangkok lies the ancient capital of Siam and the modern historical park – Ayutthaya (1350-1767.), famous for its ruins of the ancient temples Wat Prapa Phanan Choeng (XIV in.), Chao Mongcol, Wat Ga S Sanphet (XIV.), Wat leggings, wat tea Wattanaram, as well as the ruins of the Bang Palace Pa In – Summer Residence of the first kings of the Chakri dynasty. The city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • Crocodile farm in Samutpraparna
  • Buddha head in the temple of Wat rule measure (Ayutthaya)
  • Wat tea Wattanaram
  • Big Buddha Monastery Wat Muang
  • Bridge over the Kwai River in Kanchanaburi

To the west of Bangkok, near the town of Nakhonpatch, there is the largest buddha statue in the world – a 127-meter-sparkling patch of Chedi in the sun, and not far from the town of Kanchanaburi (130 km. from Bangkok) – the infamous bridge over the Kwai River and "The road of death", constructed by prisoners of war during World War II. Nearby is a famous cultural center "Garden Rose" – One of the best ethnographic expositions of the country. Nearby – Zoo and Elephant Sphrange Reserve.

Cities of Thailand Bangkok

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