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Being in the entrance to Fergana Valley, The city of all his centuries-old history enjoyed prosperity and wealth, being one of the main centers of the Great Silk Road. This era left numerous palaces, great mosques and the city citadel, which, however, did not resist the Mongols who captured and destroyed the city by immersing it in oblivion in the XIII century.

Protected Fan Mountains, Khodeven managed to avoid the destructive impact of the Civil War in our days, and was always relatively safe for travel. He now remains the richest part of the country, producing two-thirds of industrial products of Tajikistan. This is a convenient, relaxing city, with a softening local roast climate, and numerous parks make the city enough green, which allows you to devote a day or two without excessive voltage.

Main Bazaar Khododeh – Panchanbe, Typical Central Asian market, which is literally oversaturated by attractions, sounds and smells. Modest, relatively modern mosque, Madrasa and Sheikha Massal Mausoleum (MuslechEDdin) also have visits.

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Cities of Tajikistan Khododeh

Alexandria Highness

One of those most Alexandrium exists in Tajikistan until now. Only now she is called Khujand. In our, also called Hodge. This city and the Macedonian was reading →

Antosha Nanarivo | February 2012


Khodeven is an ancient city with more than 2500-year history. There was also Alexander the Great, there was a fighting of Genghis Khan against the troops of the last khorezmshaha. Read more →

Cities of Tajikistan Khododeh

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