Cyria City: Aleppo (Haleb)

Haleb (Aleppo) – the second largest city of Syria and one of the most ancient settlements of the planet, whose history has more than 5 millennia. Located 360 km north of Damascus, this ancient center of the Great Silk Road is populated predominantly Christians and is famous for its historical monuments.

The colorful old areas of Jade and Taiwa with dozens of medieval houses, caravan Sarayev (Jumurak, Vazir, Sabun, and DR.), old schools, churches, mosques, bath-"Hamam", Many of which belong to the period of the XV century, as well as old indoor markets, which are rightfully considered one of the main attractions of the city (a continuous series they stretch 12 km).

Cities of Syria Aleppo (Haleb)

Be sure to visit the Citadel Aleppo built on the site of an ancient Acropolis (XII in.), which is the best example of medieval Arabic fortification art, Al-Jami al-Kabir mosque ("Big mosque", 1090 g.), Jami-Kykan Mosque (XIII in., Stone block with hatt letters, which was mounted in her wall, once served as a key when deciphering the Hett language), as well as the Church of Kalb-Lavzi. The Archaeological Museum of Aleppo is famous for the exhibits from the excavations of the ancient Mesopotamian cities of Marie, Ebla and Ugrit, as well as a large number of sculptures and bas-reliefs, once adorned the Portal of the Tsarist Palace in the Aramaic Guzana. A good ethnographic exposure has a Museum of Popular Art and Traditions. Old Town Aleppo in 1986. was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Around Aleppo in a small area has been preserved over a hundred settlements (Sergilla, Al-Bara, Rueikha, Barad, Shensherkh, Brasill, Gerad, Bakirch, Babe, Cocana, Maez, and DR.) Some of them are in such a good condition, which seems like the owners left them quite recently – accuracy of residential buildings, basilica, farms, monasteries, guard towers, tombs, public buildings, oilseeds Presses and other. Tens of palaces of different epochs scattered around the desert areas around Aleppo, Church of Kalat-Samaan (St. Simeon-St Capinet, 490 g. N.NS.) 40 km west of the city, as well as an antique dam in Harbak – a majestic structure, one of the few samples of antiquity irrigation systems in the world.

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