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10 km north of Avansh is one of the most colorful cities in the region – Murtten (Murten, Morat).

Based on the shore of Lake Murtenze by the Celts (presumably in I in. N. NS. under the name of Moridunum), it is considered one of the best preserved medieval cities in Switzerland, and its historical core is still surrounded by the fortress walls of the XV century. The Old Town, built by the Duke of Bertold IV in the period from 1159 to 1179, lies within three streets built up with picturesque samples of medieval architecture. In fact, it is only a few blocks, and quite small, but it was their painting that brought a lot of glory to the city.

Attractions Murtena

From Castle (XIII-XVIII centuries., Closed for visits – Here is a prefecture of Murten’s commune) and an extensive central square to the northeast leads up built up with old hotels and mansions Rathausgasse Street. In parallel, Hauptgasse runs with her good bars and restaurants; And in the eastern east, the calm Schulgasse / Deutsche Kirchgasse stretches, so far in some places intersecting the remains of the fortress shafts of the XIV-XV centuries. Here you can find colorful oriental urban Gate Berntor (Pore-de-Bern, XV-XVIII centuries.) with their characteristic clocks that are a business card of the city. But a little south rises Boiler Tower with traces of the nuclei of the Burgundian artillery. In total, 12 urban towers and almost 2.5 kilometers of walls survived in one degree or another, so Murten can be safely considered one of the most interesting examples of medieval fortification art in the country.

  • Gate Berntor, Murtten
  • Cities of Switzerland Murtten
  • Castle in Murten
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For the Swiss Murten themselves, or Mora, as they often call him to the French manner, also one of the most important historical centers of the country. The famous battle at Murten (June 22, 1476.) in which the troops of the young Swiss Confederation and the Burgundy Duke Karl Brewnoye came together, whose capital was located in St. Moritz, finally approved the independence of the country.

Just below the castle, almost on the shore of the lake, is the old urban mill (1578 g.) in which urban Historical Museum (www.Museummurten.ch). This is a fairly interesting exposure, covering the past region, starting with lake settlements of the era of Neolithic and the Bronze Age and to modern times.

  • Central Street Murtena
  • Murtenze
  • Church of Murten

Also interesting parish church Baroque style and House Pastora (both – XVII-XVIII centuries.), urban Town Hall (1474 G.), craft rows in latex style in the ruvel area, Gothic Church of St. Mauritius (1885-1887.) and Expo 2002 Exhibition Symbol – Metal cubic "Monolith", Established directly in the lake about 200 meters from the harbor.

Total in a kilometer northeast urban color, in the village Lövenberg (L&# 246; Wenberg), set up the same castle of the XVII century.

Cities of Switzerland Murtten

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