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One of the most famous ski centers of the country – Le-Diablere (Les Diablerets) lies at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level, at the foot of the magnificent mountain range Diabeler (3209 m).

Location le-deabler at the top of the Grand-o valley gives a lot of advantages. On the one hand, this is the heart of the Vadois Alps with a huge selection of slopes and a practically guaranteed snow cover. On the other hand, to the highway, Gstada, Villara and Chateau-d’here literally hand. The village itself is small and famous for the center of a calm, almost chamber rest. However, the mountainous areas surrounding its variety of slopes and tracks that you can find holidays for every taste here.

Ski holiday in Le Dyabler

Officially at the resort itself only 25 km of ski trails. But it is precisely the surroundings of the village himself with his really small zone of Ozno (Isenau) between the peaks of La Palet (La Palette d’Isenau, 2170 m) and Florette (Floriette, Floriettaz, 2120 m). 12 km was laid here "blue", 3 km "Red" and 10 km "Black" Trails, including one "blue", running directly to the village. There is a snowpark, 8 km pedestrian skiing and a mountain restaurant. But this area often suffers from the lack of snow, since most slopes have southern and southeast orientation. But the combined zone of skiing Les Diablerets – Glacier 3000 can offer guests as much as 120 km of a wide variety of tracks with heights from 1200 to 3000 (!) meters.

The business card of the resort, undoubtedly, the famous rocky array of deabler (3209 m), towering over the village from the southeast like a huge wall. Only 5 minutes by bus to the lower station of the Pillon on the Pillon Pass (COL Du Pillon, 1546 m) and the same on two lifts – and one of the most highly mountain riding areas in Europe opens – Glacier 3000. It’s only 25 km of slopes – but what! Very long and wide, in places merging with each other parallel "blue" Runs in a wide saddle between the peaks of Dyabler and Oldenhorn (3122 m) are separated only by a fan park with tramplines. Below they go into the lip of relatively simple "Red" descend on the glacier itself (by and large it is immediately a few ice fields – Dyabler, Piercar, Prapian, Tsanflöron, Ce-Rouge, Dar and others) with the possibility of clarifying Tselin Tsanfloon to Sanech Pass (2242 m), from where you can go down on the autotrass south to Sion, and from him to return by train or bus. And crowned all this magnificence is excellent "black" Comb-d’odon route (Combe-D’Audon), whose total length is estimated at 14 km (along with the top "Red" plot), and the total height difference is 1520 meters! Ending at the Oldenalp station (Oldenalp, 1840 m), it is easily accessible and from Gstady through the Roisch station (Reusch, 1350 m). Here is the main area of ​​Friend, and the rocky "shelf" Between the Kaban (Cabane, 2525 m) and Aldenegg (Oldenegg, 1919 m) are popular with extremals and paragliding.

South and South-west le-deabler Begins the ski area Le Mazo Meyer (Les Mazots – Meilleret), named by the name of two middlely mountains, as if shadowing the resort. The local tracks are not very long, framed by forests and for the most part have the northern orientation, so there are no problems with snow, and the relief of the slopes is very diverse. In addition, the longest – "blue" A bunch of Les Mazots – Vers L’Eglise reaches almost 7 km, and its side branches in the Le deable itself are used for Frearywood. Here, on the eastern and northern slopes Maeer Maer, there is a test track of the Mersedes team – COL De La Croix (7.2 km), in the winter period used as a pedestrian route, as the route for Toboggan and Sanya. By the way, some of the forest arrays on both sides of the rims of the commandment, it is forbidden to ride here, and landscapes are very reminded by Dolomite Alps.

And weeter fan stretches from the peak, the fan of descents, officially relating to the zone of skiing the Villar resort, but freely affordable and from le deabler.

The slopes are serviced a total of 27 lifts and almost a dozen mountain restaurants (including the famous Botta at the peak of se-rugs, 2971 m).


Adult subscription on the lift in the Glacier 3000 zone costs 41-60 francs per day depending on the season, children’s – 26-38 francs, for 6 days – approximately 300 and 183 franc. You can also take advantage of the GSTAAD Mountain Rides (resorts Zweisimmen, St. Stephan, Saanenm&# 246; Ser, Sch&# 246; Nried, Gstaad, Saanen, Rougemont, CH&# 226; Teau-D’Oex, Lauenen, Gsteig and Glacier 3000) or Alpes Vaudoises (Resorts Leysin, Les Mosses – La L&# 233; Cherette, Les Diablerets – Glacier 3000 and Villars – Gryon). There is a system of various discounts and benefits with which you can find on the website of the resort WWW.Glacier3000.ch.


Skiing season in the le-deabler area lasts since the beginning of November to the end of April, you can ride almost 9 months in the glacier to ride.

Cities of Switzerland le deable

Activities in Le Dyabler

La deabler has laid over 30 km of pedestrian skiing, 2 snowpark, rink, disco, several fitness centers, tennis and squash courts, swimming pools and saunas work.

Entertainment in Le Dyabler

In general, the resort le deabler is focused on family vacation, although due to the relaxation features to find a lesson for the soul here you can skier any level. And with all this, the resort is surprisingly – nightlife proceeds behind closed doors. Most leisure holidayrs spend in restaurants, for the most part they are in hotels.

How to get to le deable

You can get to Le Diabeler by railway from Zurich (4 hours) or Geneva (2.5 hours) through Lausanne with a change in Egle (Aigle) – from the last almost every half hour walks the train from two cars (time on the way about 40 minutes ). You can also climb on buses or taxis from the eagle or glaze, but it will take a few more time – the truth is the road itself very picturesque.

Cities of Switzerland le deable

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