Switzerland Cities: La Sew de background

13 km north-west of the Neushentor, between two low mountain ranges, lies the colorful town of La Cho de-Fonds (La Chaux-de-Fonds).

Almost completely destroyed by fire in 1794, the city was restored on a clear scheme with extremely long and very wide parallel boulevards. This feature, supplemented often not quite relevant fashion everywhere to build modern glass towers, formed a rather unusual appearance for Switzerland the appearance of a child of Detroit his heyday. However, it is La sho de-background that is one of the recognized centers of the famous Swiss watch industry.

Cities of Switzerland La Sho de von

Here is located International Museum of watchmaking (www.Mih.CH) tracter "Time storage art" From the heyday of the city as a watchmaking center (XVIII in.) to ultra-modern atomic and electronic hours. Local firms are here (which are also also the world market leaders) represent their latest collections, and in the park, there is a gigantic "organ" from steel pipes and bells (1980 g.), noting every hour.

Together with the neighboring town of Le Locle (Le Locle), La Sho de-background was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List as a sample of a combination of an advanced industrial economy with unusual architecture and nature. And in 1994, the city was awarded the Uokker Prize (Prix Wakker, WakkerPreis), given by the Swiss Society of Historic Heritage for the Development and Conservation of Architectural Image and Culture of the City.

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